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Say Cheese
Say Cheese
Say Cheese
Say Cheese

Multiplication tables board game for Grade 4

Mastering multiplication was never so easy and yumm!
14 times more practice than usual ?
Math is all about practice. Our scientifically designed learning tools helps the young students practice up to 20 times more than usual. Thereby building proficiency & interest.
Isn’t it amazing?
Math skills
Multiplication tables
Use of divisibility rules
Identifying factors and multiples
Life skills
Speed and alacrity
Memory and recall
Rs. 499
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Number of players
2 to 4
Approx Time
30 to 60 min
100 cheese cakes
4 cake bags
1 playing area
28 number billboards
1 rule book
Story and concept
ICC (International Cheese Clash) tournament for the top rats is on. The rats are fighting for the delicious cheese cakes at stake. SAY CHEESE at the perfect time and help your rat take home the prize. Grab delicious cheese cakes in this game of skill and speed as you master multiplication facts.
Strive to be the top rat as you have hours of addictive fun. The game has been designed to help young learners master multiplication tables, the foundation for higher order math
Game play
Set up the ICC arena with banners for your rats. Divide the cheese cakes among all players and put them in the red bags. Now start the play and SAY CHEESE when you get the correct cheese cake. You are playing for all or nothing. So be fast and careful. Only those who know the tables will win
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