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What parents say...

“Hi! I am Sridevi Mahanthy mother of M.K.Ananya, class-III, Brilliant Public School, Bilaspur (C.G) through which i came to know about BrainX. I believe, each child differs from the other in interest and ability. BrainX helps students overcome fear and lack of interest in maths. BrainX is providing a great support and implementing new strategies that are very effective for students, teachers and parents as well. With my personal experience i can confidently say that BrainX has helped my child improve in Maths and close the achievement gap . I have resubscribed for one more year”.

Mrs. Sridevi Mahanthy, Mother of M.K.Ananya (Grade 3)
Satisfied parents and happy students in 4 continents
World class education product
Trusted by 10000+ parents
Used by leading schools
Used in 29 countries
Reaches 4 continents
5 steps to excellence in math
Retain upto 47 times more. Proven system of using activities and focal games to improve understanding and recall
Understand math applications not just ‘sums’. We bring out real life applications & situations where math is applied
Designed by IITians and leading educationist to create the most advanced math training ever
Cover complete math curriculum as designed by NCTM and NCERT through 650+ math skills
Delivered at home so that you focus on enjoying math not on searching for right content
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    Program is good. I like it. Nishatha is doing well in her studies. But sometimes your activities are too difficult for her. I have to help her understand.

    Deepa Agrawal, Mother of Nishatha Agrawal (Grade 2)

    Product is very good. Worksheets and activities are so colorful and fun that Bhagyshree loves to do it. I had some concerns about syllabus in November. But overall its very good. I am resubscribing.

    Ashim Chakraborty, Father of Bhagyshree (Grade 3)

    My son likes these activities. I specially liked the way you have approached the topic of measurement. The concepts have been explained beautifully. Reyansh enjoys his math exercises a lot.

    Neetu , Mother of Ryansh (Grade 2)

    My daughter is in DPS and she gets these math activities from her school. She has started taking more interest in math. Plus this is a completely new way to teaching an important subject. She used to get stuck at some place but I think she still enjoys these problems a lot.

    Kameswar Routa , Father of Kalpita Rout (Grade 4)

    I think these are excellent math activities and worksheets. Earlier for the first few weeks, she faced issues and used to come to me. But now, she eagerly waits for the next months BrainX set to arrive. Good concept and great results.

    Vishal Sharma , Father of Shivanshi (Grade 4)

    “Very very creative. I had not thought that kids can enjoy their math to such an extent. Both my kids have started loving their math. I am all for it!”

    Sangita Dabburi , Mother of Om Rao Dabburi (UKG)

    “Hi! I am Sridevi Mahanthy mother of M.K.Ananya, class-III, Brilliant Public School, Bilaspur (C.G) through which i came to know about BrainX. I believe, each child differs from the other in interest and ability. BrainX helps students overcome fear and lack of interest in maths. BrainX is providing a great support and implementing new strategies that are very effective for students, teachers and parents as well. With my personal experience i can confidently say that BrainX has helped my child improve in Maths and close the achievement gap . I have resubscribed for one more year”.

    Mrs. Sridevi Mahanthy, Mother of M.K.Ananya (Grade 3)

    “Mayank has been always good in Maths. But he found the class exercises boring and dull. With BrainX,he enjoys the challenging puzzles and teasers.”

    Jayant Bagla, Father of Mayank (Grade 4)

    “I am very happy with the quality of worksheets. Excellent! It has been very good for my son I am resubscribing for one full year”.

    Mrs. Meena Jain, Mother of Atishay Jain (Grade 4)

    “BrainX works very well for me. Anoop's scores in her tests have consistently improved. For me, the biggest proof is that she is visibly more exited towards Maths. The attractive colors, smartly designed activities and fun games make it so much fun for her. It would help if you guys could give more examples with your sheets.”

    Jasleen Kaur , Mother of anoop kaur (Grade 3)

    “I had subscribed to BrainX in 2011. Have been a loyal customer ever since. My daughter loves their math worksheets and the activities. Most of the time, I do not have to motivate her to do these. She is eager to discover new activities. It would help if you can make the problem description simpler.”

    Swati Patil , Mother of sanika (Grade 4)

    “Amazing program. My daughter is loving this. Frankly, she used to run away at the mention of math. Now she just loves doing it. And her math scores have shown good improvement too”

    Dvrao chowdary , Father of Hemasri (Grade 4)

    I have seen a significant improvement in Aashika's Math grades since we started using BrainX and Mathlab at home. Awesome way to teach math. She is completely enjoying it”

    Ajay Agrawal , Father of Aashika (Grade 2)

    “It is extremely creative way to teach Maths. She enjoys it a lot. I think this program is very useful.

    Rakesh Gupta, Father of Sejal Gupta (Grade 5)

    “The course material is really fun, application oriented, well aligned to the academic curriculum, in fact my kid is loving it. Thank you very much providing for such aa excellent enriching material.”

    Jonala Srinivas, Father of Rhitika (Grade 1)

    “My child likes it and can do it. But he still needs my help and guidence in understanding the activities. Would help if you can make the explainations simpler”

    Neetu , Mother of RAJAT (Grade 2)

    “BrainX has been a lot of help to prepare Harshit for his exams. The exercises are fun and aligned to his class.”

    Mrs Asha Agrawal, Mother of Harshit (Grade 4)

    Accha product hai. Bacche naye tareeko se maths seekh rahe hain. School accha kaam kar raha hai.”

    Mrs Kalpana Gupta, Mother of Arnav (Grade 4)

    Great maths program. I have resubscribed it for my daughter for one year. I strongly recommend it to other parents and teachers too.”.

    Mrs. Seema Singh, Mother of Devanshita Singh (Grade 4)

    I will have to say, its excellent. Shikha absolutely loves it and has done the set completely, herself. Without any support or intervention from me. In fact, she is already waiting for next month's package.”

    Rakesh Fofaliya, Father of Shikha Fofaliya (Grade 5)

    “The worksheets are really well designed. The pictures and activity make it very interesting for Nannu. He loves to do it all the time. Only sometimes does he need my help otherwise he can do it mostly on his own. I think overall his interest in Maths has increased a lot. That is the biggest benefit for me.”

    Ajit Jain, Father of Archit (Grade 4)

    My son loved it. I found the sheets to be very good and he is benefiting from these.”

    Ajay Lobo , Principal at Saint Pauls Public School, Jaipur

    “I gave this to a class-3 student in my school to test out. She absolutely loved it. I got very positive feedback from her on the sheets. I have seen these sheets and think these have been very innovatively done and will be very useful for our school.”

    Shruti Gupta, Principal at Brilliant Public School

    I subscribed to BrainX last year when Aditya was in class 4. The real impact that I see is now. His teachers tell me that his participation in class and his confidence in Maths is great!. I am all for it”

    Jigya Gandhi, Mother of Aditya (Grade 5)

    “My daughter is really excited about these worksheets. Even though she cannot complete all the sheets herself, she is enthu about them and the maths that comes with it.”

    Shweta Gadodia, Mother of Drishti (Grade 2)

    “I just saw these sheets today and came to your site to find out more. Very good product and great effort by the school. I think it will be good for him in the long run”

    Rama, Mother of Brahm (Grade 1)

    “Great effort by school to make maths active and practical for my daughter. The BrainX sheets are great as far as maths is concerned and they are very colourful too. My daughter enjoys her maths a lot more now”

    Kritika, Mother of Navya (Grade 5)

    “I give tuition to a lot of MGD students. They come to me in the evening with some of your worksheets. I have never seen this kind of approach to teach maths. They are visibly excited and a lot more eager to grasp what I am telling them because it will help them do the worksheet or complete some game/puzzle”

    Mrs E Layel, Principal at Acharya Bhikshu School

    This is matching perfectly with her class syllabus. I have never seen such a way to teach maths. I like it a lot and more importantly, my daughter enjoys them immensely. This is a wonderful product”

    Reena Agrawal, Mother of Viyanshi (Grade 1)

    Very good product and an good step by the school. My son likes it. I came to your site looking for all other products that I can buy.”

    Sarita, Mother of Rohit (Grade 3)

    Good activities. He likes them too. But sometimes needs my help to do them. I think some of your sheets are tough. I came to your site looking for answers”

    Prakash Panda, Guardian of Kshirabdi (Grade 4)

    “No doubt this is a great product. Devansh absolutely loves all the games and activities. Great way to build excitement about such a crucial subject.”

    Bhupendra Bharadwaj, Father of Devansh (Grade 4)

    He is doing very well in Maths and enjoys these activities a lot. Overall, very positive. I even wanted to buy them so that I can see all of them. But your team refused to sell them to me.”

    Manoj Sugandha, Mother of Rakshit (Grade 4)

    “The BrainX sheets are very colorful. It's a good initiative by school . He likes them. But I think some of them are difficult. You should have easy explanations or answers.”

    Santosh Maloo, Mother of Vibhor (Grade 4)

    “My daughter is in day boarding at MGD, so they do most of the sheets there itself, I do not get to see all of them. But whatever she brings back are really good. I think this is very useful

    Dr Renu Agrawal, Mother of Monu (Grade 1)

    “Good effort by school to make maths active and practical for him. The sheets are good. Some of them are easy and he does them very quickly. ”

    Surya KumarPattanayak, Father of Sohaan Kumar (Grade 3)

    “Good concept and idea. I like it. But child needs my help to do them. I think you should have easy answers or explanations.”

    Biswajit Mishra, Father of Jigyansa (Grade 1)

    It removed his fear of Maths. I see that he has started taking interest in Maths, which was not the case previously. For him, the exercises are very much like a game. He has to color things, paint, draw and solve a puzzle. All while he is doing maths. I think this is great for him.”

    Sajjan Goyal, Father of Mayur (Grade 3)


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