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BrianX Fun math

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Why BrainX
BrainX math training program is proven to help young students develop deep interest in math. We are confident that your child will greatly benefit from our scientifically designed exercise sets, activities and math games.

NOT just worksheets!

BrainX is a combination of math activities, worksheets and simple paper toys. All printed in color and delivered at your home. The variety and colors is a proven way to generate curiosity and build interest. We help the students touch and feel math.

No burden on students - just pure joy!

The sheets are designed to be done in 10-20 minutes every day, like a game. No pressure and no burden. Plus, they are aligned to the curriculum as prescribed by NCTM Singapore and NCERT India. Click here to see curriculum coverage

No hassle for you. Convenient and easy

Your BrainX package is printed in color and delivered at your home, every month. No hassle of searching for worksheets, verifying their content and answers and then getting them printed. BrainX is convenient. So you spend your time only in enjoying math with your kids.

Scientific research by IITians

BrainX program works on 7 thinking levels and 650+ math skills. From sheet design to sheet sequence to number of games and activities and even to the choice of words - there is extensive research behind everything to ensure best results.

Great results in schools

Wide coverage of topics in great detail to help you excel in schools. Tons of practice on each skill to acquaint you with all the hidden tricks and techniques

Awesome preparation for Olympiads

Students are introduced to practical applications of math through real life situations. Puzzles and multi dimensional problems are also included to help students ace Olympiads like IMO, NSTSE, UFO, RMO, NSO and IOM

No more forgetting. Learning that stays

Students explore real life situations not just sums. BrainX brings out math applications and situations. This helps build interest and retention abilities

Math that you have never seen before

Cut, paste, draw, color, tear. DO math like you have never done before. This 'activity based approach' to learning is a proven method to improve interest and recall.

Strong foundation for bright future

Not only do students get new skills but they get a complete understanding of what Math is and can be. BrainX helps students appreciate Math. It is the foundation on which a bright future will be built
5 Steps to excellence in math
Retain upto 47 times more. Proven system of using activities and focal games to improve understanding and recall
Understand math applications not just ‘sums’. We bring out real life applications & situations where math is applied
Designed by IITians and leading educationist to create the most advanced math training ever
Cover complete math curriculum as designed by NCTM and NCERT through 650+ math skills
Delivered at home so that you focus on enjoying math not on searching for right content
Satisfied parents and happy students in 4 continents
World class education product
Safe shopping, Free shipping, Risk Free
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  • At anytime, you are not satisfied with our Math training products, just cancel your subscription.
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