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Learning is Fun

Schools are extensively investing in modern technology like projectors, animations, AV equipments and computers with the right intention to make learning more effective. However, the core of how we teach and learn has not changed a lot, despite all this extensive investment. That is because, learning is still driven by teacher push rather than a student pull. The real learning will happen when students demand it. At SchoolCountry, we are creating products that create that pull to learn.
At SchoolCountry, we have set out to make sure that Learning is fun. We are working to help students to ace Math while having fun. We create world’s most advanced computer based learning games, patented board games and really cool math worksheets and activities. We are working with schools, parents and psychoanalysts to make products that help students rediscover the joy of learning Math and thus create that pull to learn.
The success of our products is reflected in the excitement and interest shown by our students from all over the country. The enthusiastic phone calls and excellent feedback from teachers and parents motivates us to strive further in the right direction.
The company is promoted by highly experienced team of IIT and IIM graduates who have extensively observed education system in over 10 different countries of the world before launching this company and designing these products. They are guided by scientific research and a passion for making a real improvement in the learning process.

All our Math training products (MATHALY, BrainX and Physical games) are designed to offer these 7 features
1. Learning that is based on student pull rather than teacher push
All our products are designed to help students discover the fun side of math. The proven combination of copyrighted games, cool math activities and fun worksheets that has got students excited to learn more and perform better.
2. Fully aligned to school curriculum
We cover the complete curriculum as prescribed by NCERT-India and NCTM-Singapore. The curriculum is divided in to 650+ granular skills. We design products to beautifully integrate these Math skills in a fun way.
3. Easy to use and zero maintenance
For BrainX, every month, we design high quality questions, print the worksheets and deliver them on your doorstep. MATHALY can be accessed online, anytime, anywhere at your convenience. The child friendly and safe environment has been appreciated by hundreds of parents. Our games are designed keeping kids in mind. Easy to use, durable and fun.
4. Smart copyrighted content that is ready for you to use
Our program is one of a kind. Our smart exercises, fun activities and innovative games are unique and copyrighted that you will not find outside.
5. Scientifically designed program
Our complete program is designed after extensive scientific research. It provides the right combination of motivation, rewards, excitement and competition to keep the student engrossed and excited.
6. Personalised training
Students get an opportunity to play and learn at their own pace. No pressure to confirm to the class and thus they really enjoy learning. Right incentives are weaved in to these products to motivate students to perform faster, while being in the optimal learning zone.
7. Unlimited practice and unlimited fun
All our products will offer tons of practice to the students. Challenging games, activities and question sets address each math skill individually. With practice, students get to perfect the skill and enjoy math even more

Our team

SchoolCountry wants to make sure that "Learning is fun". We create some of the most fascinating learning tools for homes and schools including computer based games, board games, cards, worksheets, mathaly and more. We partner with leading education institutions for the same.

Core team

Gunjan Agrawal
Gunjan has extensively worked in education space in India where he created and scaled up from ground up. It allows education institutes to significantly improve the quality of feedback given to the students. Before this, Gunjan was working with Barclays Capital in New York developing complex trading algorithms. Gunjan has pursued his master’s degree in operations from University of North Carolina in USA and bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from IIT Bombay. When not writing complex programs for SchoolCountry, Gunjan loves to go on long drive on his bike.
Kunal Gandhi
During his stint with McKinsey & Co, Kunal advised CXOs in multinational corporations from 20+ different companies in optimizing their existing businesses and setting up profitable new ventures. Prior to joining McKinsey & Co. in Brussels, Kunal has pursued a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Bombay and a post graduate degree in management from IIM Ahmedabad. When not debating about next steps for LogicRoots and SchoolCountry, Kunal loves to spend his time trekking and biking.

Mentors and investors

Ankur Mehta
Head of Research - Mortgages, Nomura Securities, New York, USA.
Masters in Financial Engineering from Purdua University, USA.
Chandrashekhar Sharma
Head of Department of Physics, Resonance, Kota, India.
Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) from IIT Bombay.
Mustafa Kapadia
Head - Warehousing and Distribution, Al-Ghanim Infraventures, Kuwait, Kuwait.
Post Graduate Diploma in Management from IIM Indore.


We are expanding our team and looking for specific roles (full time and interns) - see below for some highlights
Copy writer (Part or Full Time)
We are looking for creative individuals to join us build relevant user content. This includes blogs, product use videos, creatives for facebook posts etc. So what you will do is
  • Develop a product use video that tells parents how to use a game and actually makes them more interested in it
  • Review our rule books and develop more creative rule descriptions or even build new game plays
  • Post new blog entries that generate user traction on our blogs and social media
  • Come up with creative actions for our social media team
Skills Required:
  • Crative Thinking and Writing
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Very good PR skills
  • Passion about phtography is a plus
  • Background or Degree in Journalism is a big plus
Apart from reinumeration, some major benefits are
  • Your internship output will be original, demonstrable and live that you can share
  • Your work will be put to commercial use and not stored in a some dark filing cabinet
  • You will work as a part of team on real projects, interacting with core team and mentors on regular basis.
  • You will get real feedback to help you improve
  • Last but not the least, you will have a fun and creative time
Social Media Marketing Analyst (Part or Full Time)
We are looking for a Social Media Champ. The person who lives and breathes social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more). Your role is to increase brand awareness, build traction and divert traffic to our website.
You will be working closely with a team of IIT and IIM alumni. You will be jointly developing (and eventually leading) our social media strategy and execution. Lots to learn and earn if you can meet the stiff expectations of the team.
Skills Required:
  • Social Media Marketing Experience
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Very good PR skills
  • Analytical backround is a plus
Apart from reinumeration, some major benefits are
  • You will develop a strong understanding of Brand Building, Marketing, User engagement and Community building
  • Your work get to live your passion of living in social media and yet building a career
  • You will work as a part of team on real projects, interacting with core team and mentors on regular basis.
  • You will get real feedback to help you improve
  • Last but not the least, you will have a fun and creative time
Graphic artist / designer

You will be designing our worksheets, computer games and activities that inspire kids to learn. You will be working closely with the core team

- you must love to draw, sketch, paint ....
- photoshop, illustrator, coral draw etc must be your favorite toys
- its a plus if you know animation and flash programming
Web Developers

You will be responsible for developing new features on our website and enabling web based delivery of our upcoming applications

- you must know a ASP.Net and C#
- you must have a good feel of interface design
If you feel that you are the right guy, then do drop us a line at [email protected] with your CV and contact details. We will get back to you. Also, if your skill is not represented here but you are excited and passionate to join us then do write back. We love to create space for the right person. By the way, below are some reasons why you might like to work with us.

Work with some of the smartest people around

If we hire you, you get to work alongside a team of IIT and IIM graduates. We have some of the most driven and motivated people working in the team. We enjoy what we do and we love the fact that we are actually making a difference to the way kids learn.

Learning is fun. Work is even more fun

A small, young and dynamic team that loves to work hard and play harder. Random events, food, cricket and more. Plus, there is no boundation of office or the number of hours. If on some days, we decide not to come to the office, then so be it. We love the flexibility and trust our teams to make the right use of it.

Learn and grow

We encourage you to take challenges and responsibilities beyond your tenure. We trust you and go the whole hog to help you learn. Even if it means taking a new direction just for you. As you work, you build contacts that will last a life time.


Out partners in math mission
Jeen Education Jeen Education
Jeen Education Pvt Ltd (JEPL) is an association of education professionals connected by a commitment to improve learning and school education through innovative solutions for school students. JEPL and its team is our marketing and sales partner. They are helping us take our innovative Math solutions to more schools and students.