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Math worksheet for kids on counting and number comparision

Get the kids to identify 4 groups of penguin families in this colourful math worksheet. They have to count the number of members in each family and then find the largest and smallest family of penguins. This math worksheet is suitable for kindergarten and grade 1 students. 

The objective of this counting worksheet is to get the students to practice visual segmentation of data and boost their observation power. Print out this math worksheet in color and get them started on practicing their counting and number comparison skills. 

printable grade 1 math worksheet on counting and number comparison


There are 3 level of counting skills to be developed in students. At the starting level, there is counting without distinguishing of objects. Here, kids just need to count the number of objects, irrespective of what they are. The second level is when you need to count groups that have been already segregated or made. The third level is when you have to first identify and then count in appropriate groups. 

This counting worksheet works on 3rd level of counting and grouping skill.  We start with the most basic skill and gradually push the challenge level up for the students.  Follow these links for more math worksheets and activities - math worksheets for grade 1, more math worksheets for all classes 


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