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Mathaly gets Best Windows-8 app editor's choice award

Mathaly, every student's individual ally in math practice, gets best windows-8 app editor's choice award. Mathaly, earlier known as Mathlab, carefully observes a student on 500+ skills by tracking speed, accuracy, consistency and difficulty and perfectly tailors the learning environment for each student. Mathaly is being by used students all over the world and is now available to schools in India as part of their curriculum.


Math practice app for students of grade 1 to grade 5

  • Get the optimal learning environment for your student -

    we carefully observe a student for 500+ math skills and track their speed, accuracy, consistency and difficulty. Our ADAPTEX engine tailors learning environment and offers perfect problems to each and every child as per their learning level and pace. For example, ADAPTEX can identify that a child can perfectly add 2 digit numbers with carry but has issues in adding with 0. This information is used to offer more constructive problems to help the child learn better. The same is communicated to the parents and teachers too
  • Uncover misconceptions and mistakes at fundamental level that affect most students -

    Since our team gets to minutely observe playing pattern of thousands of students and schools across the globe, we understand fundamental mistakes and misconceptions that students have. For example, did you know that 82% of the students find it difficult to differentiate between length and distance or 65% of the students got confused in definition of triangle
  • Students practice out of their own will -

    Since Mathaly is a competitive game where students win rewards, climb the mountain and compete with their friends, you do not have to force them to practice. They will be practicing math out of their own free will and this makes the practice a lot more effective
  • Detailed report at individual skill level for parents -

    student's performance as well as activity is shared in detail with the parents and teachers. You will know when they logged in, how much they practiced and what skills they need your help in. Also, when they win rewards and certificates, the information will be shared with you 

Mathaly is perfect partner in Math practice for your child. Try it here for free

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