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KVPY 2012: Four tips to prepare for KVPY interview questions

KVPY-2012 scholarship exam is one of the most prestigious all India talent search contest.  We have been following and guiding the students on everything related to KVPY-2012. From application forms and sample questions to exam papers and admit cards. Now its the time for KVPY interview and results. 


The KVPY exam was recently concluded and now students are preparing for the interview. KVPY interviews are often feared since students don’t know how to prepare for these. We bring to you 4  tips to succeed in this interview and finally get the prestigious KVPY scholarship. 



Scientific aptitude

More than anything else, it is your scientific aptitude that the KVPY interview panel wants to test and assess. Scientific aptitude is your ability to think like a scientist. To succeed in the interview, you must have the ability to apply basic scientific principles to real life scenarios successfully. 

As an example, suppose there is an oxygen cylinder in a laboratory and there are two high voltage electrodes near it. What will happen if current passes through these electrodes?


Faster calculations

Comfort with numbers is another thing will impress the KVPY interview panel. They create situations to test your analytical and reasoning skills. Often, this will involve doing some calculations. So apart from knowing the formula, you must feel at ease with numbers. For example

  • Can you quickly approximate things
  • Can you comfortably make an order of magnitude calculations
  • Are you perturbed  if faced with a large number

You will need to respond to the panel’s questions within minimum amount of time while considering the scientific principles. 


Understanding the history of science

The KVPY 2012 interview questions are designed to not just test your scientific aptitude and speed but will also try and assess your interest in science. Are you really interested in science or are you just a good analytical mind who is here because he/she could clear the KVPY aptitude test. 

One of the ways to test your interest in science is to see if you have read about science and scientist. Do you know the history of science? For example, How did Benjamin Franklin bring down the electricity of the clouds to his lab? The better you are able to explain and narrate this incident, the more is your interest in science. 

How to prepare for this type of interview questions at KVPY is what bothers most of us. This can be very vast in its scope and difficult to do in the limited amount of time at hand. So we suggest that you take some topics from your syllabus and read about them on the web (e.g. or see some relevant TV programs (history channel or discover channel) or better still, read some good book (e.g. A brief history of nearly everything – by Bill Bryson). 


Explain what you know

A lot of students do not do well in the interview despite knowing the answers. This is because they are not able to explain their thoughts to the interview panel. The reasons could be many. For example,

  • You get nervous in front of the interview panel
  • You speak very fast
  • You have a very different accent and are afraid of it
  • ...

 At KVPY interviews, you will need to be lucid and clear in your communication. When you respond to interview questions, you need to be clear, distinct and complete. To improve on your communication ability, we suggest you do some joint discussions with friends or participate in mock interviews with your teachers. Or just find a mentor who will help you prepare for this interview and give you critical feedback on your communication style. 


If you carefully look at these tips, then it will go a long way in preparing your for your KVPY interview in January. We will be coming up more articles and interview preparation guide lines in the coming few days to help you prepare better. Join us on facebook to stay up to date about this. If you enjoyed reading this article or learnt something new today, then press the +1 on the side to help us share it with others. 


Good luck for your interview.

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