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Numbers Worksheet - Mandi Corruption

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About this Numbers worksheet

Finding the rotten veggies is easy, if you know your sequences. Can you find out which ones are out of sequence and hand them over to the police

Math Skills
  • Number seqencing. Numbers up to 20
Life Skills
  • Problem solving - Application
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“Hi! I am Sridevi Mahanthy mother of M.K.Ananya, class-III, Brilliant Public School, Bilaspur (C.G) through which i came to know about BrainX. I believe, each child differs from the other in interest and ability. BrainX helps students overcome fear and lack of interest in maths. BrainX is providing a great support and implementing new strategies that are very effective for students, teachers and parents as well. With my personal experience i can confidently say that BrainX has helped my child improve in Maths and close the achievement gap . I have resubscribed for one more year”.

Mrs. Sridevi Mahanthy, Mother of M.K.Ananya (Grade 3)
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