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How SchoolCountry makes learning fun
How to make learning interesting!

As per research conducted by psychoanalysts at Harvard University, 5 elements are needed to make learning interesting.

Make the learning process fun!
Make the learning process fun!

One approach is to make sure that the students enjoy the learning process itself. Can we play a game? Can they run, dance, draw, paint? Can they take part in an activity that is fun?

How do we incorporate this in our products: Clearly, this is the most important element of design of all our products. Students learn by playing, so they enjoy the learning process itself. Weather it is Mathaly where they are playing a mountain climbing game or it is BrainX where they are solving small puzzles or little activities that involve game, fun is always weaved in to all our products

Make the learning process fun!
Learn with peers but learn at your own pace

We learn best when we learn with our peers. We learn by observing them, by comparing with them and by collaborating with them. The peers are the benchmark for us. We want to emulate some of them. So they set the goals for us, but we want to reach them following our own path at our own pace. Not under pressure.

How do we incorporate this in our products: Competition and collaboration is thoughtfully integrated in the product design. In Mathaly, students get to know about the leaders and people right behind and ahead of them. However, the level of questions, the time to do those etc is completely individual. Same with BrainX and our physical games

Make the learning process fun!
Challenge them at the right level

Kids are extremely sensitive and aware about age. Challenge them too much and too quickly, they give up saying it is for grown-ups. Challenge them just too little and they find it is for kids. And their definition of “grown-ups” and “kids” could be anyone who is even 1 year older or younger than they are. For the kids to learn best, we need to find the perfect level to challenge them.

How do we incorporate this in our products: In Mathaly, we use advanced adaptex technology to personalize the learning environment for the student. We constantly monitor the learning performance of the student to offer them just the right question and keep them in the optimal learning zone.

Make the learning process fun!
Give real time feedback

For feedback to be effective, it must be immediate. Not after 3 months, not after 7 days and not even after 4 hours. It must be now, when the learning process and its outcome is fresh. What is more, the feedback needs be coherent and consistent. No confusion.

How do we incorporate this in our products: We use scientific research with psychoanalysts to find the perfect feedback points and comments. The feedback is almost always instantaneous and definitely consistent. This way, students learn from their own mistake while they are still fresh in their minds

Make the learning process fun!
Show them the value

Tell them why learning “this” is important. How will “this” add value to their daily routine, now or in future. Though difficult, but we need to excite them enough about the value of learning something.

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