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Math that is real fun and really effective
Math that is real fun and really effective
Discover fun side of math
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What is Mathaly
Mathaly is world’s most advanced online Math game for students of class 1 to class 5. Students cover the entire curriculum as they participate in this fun mountain climbing mission.
Mathaly combines fun math game, insightful problem design and coverage of over 650 math skills to help your child excel in class and enjoy math. Try it for FREE or read below to know more.
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Climb higher to reach the Hall of fame

Play as you learn. Learn as you have fun with Math

Mathaly’s immersive mountain climbing mission is designed to ensure that kids enjoy the learning process (see why kids need to have fun). Creative challenges keep kids immersed while they practice Math.

Be the first among friends to reach Math Baba.

New environments, challenges and surprises to keep the fun going

As students climb higher, they meet new species, get face to face with the Guru and discover new environments. All to make sure that the fun with Math never stops. Keep learning, keep having fun

Collect all medals to become the first Math Guru

Rewards, incentives and competition to keep the motivation high

Mathaly is weaves in rewards, encouragements and competition to keep kids motivated. to practice more. Careful research about child behaviour & psychology is used to design the progression.
Discover fun side of math
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Insighful problems to test REAL issue areas

Really UNDERSTAND the concepts that 86% of students fail

Here, students failed to differentiate between length and measurement. 86% of the students got this wrong the first time. There are several such problem areas that students are confused about. Our expert team uncovers at least 10 such problems every month.
Working on these areas gives our students the edge over others.

Select topic or skill to learn

COMPLETE math curriculum for your child’s class

Mathaly follows NCERT-India and NCTM-Singapore curriculum for Math from class, as followed by schools. The curriculum is addressed as 650+ Math skills. Each skill is developed as the child plays more and climbs higher.

Feedback reinforced through game play

Move up the skill ladder, step by step

Mathaly uses ADAPTEX technology to help tailor the learning environment. When student gives incorrect answer, the system offers a chance to improve. It then carefully decides the type and level of difficulty of the next question based on student performance.
Student’s proficiency in each topic is measured and they are encouraged to practice more / less depending upon their performance.

See the MPI improve over time with continous play

See how you can improve your child’s performance and proficiency

Parents get access to detailed reports describing their child’s performance. Track the students’s MPI over time.
Also see their performance across individual skills like addition, money, time. Get access to actionable improvement ideas to help the child improve even more.
Discover fun side of math
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