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Addition Worksheet - Over Weighted

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About this Addition worksheet

The airport is a perfect place to learn addition. Or is it? We have not used 'add', 'total' or '+' sign here. The kids have to understand the concept before they can do the problem

Math Skills
  • Addition of 2 numbers of 2 digit without carry. Answers less than 100
Life Skills
  • Problem solving - ApplicationFlexibility - Creative thinking, Imagination
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“I give tuition to a lot of MGD students. They come to me in the evening with some of your worksheets. I have never seen this kind of approach to teach maths. They are visibly excited and a lot more eager to grasp what I am telling them because it will help them do the worksheet or complete some game/puzzle”

Mrs E Layel, Principal at Acharya Bhikshu School
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