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Dr Math (Grade 3)
Dr Math (Grade 3)

Math Memory Flash Cards Grade 3 kids for Concepts and Clarity for Grade 3

Flash Cards to build Math Concepts, Clarity and Recall
5 times more practice than usual ?
Math is all about practice. Our scientifically designed learning tools helps the young students practice up to 20 times more than usual. Thereby building proficiency & interest.
Isn’t it amazing?
Math skills
Ordinal Numbers
Roman Numbers
Shapes and figures
Life skills
Memory and recall
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Number of players
1 to 4
Approx Time
Story and concept
Dr. Math for Grade 3 is a set of Math Memory Cards designed by IIT Alumni and maths experts. After several classroom surveys, we have discovered 18 most common but fundamental misconceptions. For example
• 72% of students are confused between length and distance
• 60% students failed to identify a triangle properly because of 1 prevalent misconception
Unlike normal flash cards, Dr. Math Memory cards are designed after extensive research to address these fundamental misconceptions in all topics. as per the class. Work with your child to build a strong foundation.
Game play
Place the thumb of your right hand on the slanted top of edge of the card. The card face in front of you is the front face with questions and the face behind has answers.
Read a question, guess its answer and then look back to see if you got it right. Work with your child to see why they got it wrong and what is the misconception they had. Try to address it immediately for best results. Repeat till required and move to the next set.
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