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Froggy Fractions
Froggy Fractions
Froggy Fractions
Froggy Fractions

Advanced Fraction Skills Card Game for Grade 4

Croaking frogs can teach you a thing or two about fractions
12 times more practice than usual ?
Math is all about practice. Our scientifically designed learning tools helps the young students practice up to 20 times more than usual. Thereby building proficiency & interest.
Isn’t it amazing?
Math skills
Reducing fraction to simplest form
Identification of fractions
Fraction operations
Equivalent fractions
Life skills
Strategic thinking
Spatial recall
Group dynamics
Rs. 349
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Number of players
2 to 6
Approx Time
20 to 25 min
40 thick and glossy cards
1 rule book
Story and concept
Get cracking with croaking frogs in FROGGY FRACTIONS card game. A lot is at stake in the frog world. The winner gets to choose the coziest corner of the pond.
Join hands with these smart frogs in this fractions-strategy game. Be aware that other frogs will not make it easy for you. So get croaking!
Game play
Up to 6 players can enjoy FROGGY FRACTIONS at the same time. Shuffle and give 4 cards to each player. Keep 1 card face up and start playing. Your objective is to reach the perfect-4 set of cards before anyone else does. The game has been designed to give you more fun and more fractions practice in 1 game than in the entire math text book in 1 full year! Try it to believe it
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