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Monkey Fractions
Monkey Fractions
Monkey Fractions
Monkey Fractions

Fraction Starter Skills Card Game for Grade 2 for Grade 4

Monkeys are hero and stress here is zero
8 times more practice than usual ?
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Math skills
Fraction as a part of group
Fraction as part of whole
Strategic thinking
Life skills
Strategic thinking
Data interpretation
Rs. 349
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Number of players
1 to 6
Approx Time
20 to 25 min
32 large and glossy cards
1 rule book
Story and concept
MONKEY FRACTION is a fun carnival where monkeys are hero and stress is zero. With large picture cards, work your up the fraction skills. You will master the fundamentals of fractions including fraction as a part of a group and fraction as a part of whole. The fun only increases as you play more and explore more fractions with curious monkeys. Hoot hoot!
Game play
Distribute cards equally to all playing monkeys and ask them to keep them face down. Players will start throwing cards in the well, face up, one at a time. The first monkey one to spot the correct fraction match takes the whole set!
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