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Ocean Raiders
Ocean Raiders
Ocean Raiders

Addition Adventure board game for UKG

Ace your addition with this awesome under sea adventure game
11 times more practice than usual ?
Math is all about practice. Our scientifically designed learning tools helps the young students practice up to 20 times more than usual. Thereby building proficiency & interest.
Isn’t it amazing?
Math skills
Number recognition
Number sequencing
Life skills
Analytical thinking
Rs. 449
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Number of players
2 to 4
Approx Time
20 to 40 min
Special 10 faced dice with numbers from 0 to 9
1 ocean board with custom number layout
4 diver coins
1 rule book
Story and concept
A huge treasure is waiting for the brave OCEAN RAIDERS at the bottom of the ocean. You will have to look out for the huge storms, dive in the whirlpools and beat your competition in this awesome addition adventure game. Master one and two digit addition on the way.
We have done extensive research to make this unique game board. It comes with a special 10 faced dice and in built challenges to make sure you have hours of fun. At the same time, you will be mastering addition like no one else. Go OCEAN RAIDERS!
Game play
The ocean board has a special non-linear number layout where 48 comes after 49 and 17 comes before 9. Players have to add to find their next position. This combined with our unique 10 faced dice, scientifically designed game rules work to increase the practice levels and fun at the same time.
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