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Give an edge to your NTSE preparation. 50,000+ questions, 7 full length papers that are offered seamlessly across your computer, mobile and tablet. India's only NTSE preparation app now even better! Get the tech advantage on your side... [More]


NTSE, Talent search exams »

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NTSE Stage 2 exam sample paper and questions on MAT and SAT are presented below for free. These questions are based on previous years NTSE stage 2 papers and will gie you a good sense of what to expect. Read on to find out more ...... [More]


NTSE, NTSE, Talent search exams, Talent search exams »

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NTSE preparation is bound to get you confused. What to read and what to leave? How to practice? How much to practice? Should we also do class-9 course material? If I am from a state board, do I need to prepare differently for NTSE? SchoolCountry brings to you the definitive guide to NTSE preparation directly from an NTSE Scholar. Read on ...... [More]