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KVPY is a prestigious scholarship test conducted annually. Find out about KVPY exam, interview questions and tips and techniques to help you prepare for this stringent exam. Read on to learn more ...... [More]


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NTSE sample paper for free with both SAT and MAT sections covered. These sample papers are based on previous years' NTSE papers and are prepared by experts to give you a good sense of the National Talent Search Examination. Are you up for it ...... [More]


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There are 20+ talent search exams across subjects, classes and boards including NTSE, SSTSE, KVPY, NCO, NSO, RMO and more. SchoolCountry presents a complete guide on these talent search exams, when they are conducted, what the syllabus is, how to get the form, who is eligible to appear and what the exam date for each year is. Read on to get the full information ...... [More]