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13 gifts for 1 to 2 year old kids. Amazing gift ideas that work every time because they are useful and attractive and also show the thought that you have put in. The kids, boys or girls, will love you for this. Read on ...... [More]


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Moving to a different city with a new job? Kids approaching 5 yeas of age and getting ready for grade school (class I and above)?. If the answer to either of the questions is yes and if you are anything like me, then the first thing that comes to your mind is SCHOOLS!!! school ahead Finding a great school is very important: Finding good schools is probably one of the top worries of all parents these days! And very rightly so. School is a place where the basic foundation of learning is laid for your child. This is where your child learns to make the first independent decisions, interacts with a different environment without the cover of parents and is exposed to a barrage of knowledge, information and tools that he/she will rely on for the rest of the life. It is thus, extremely critical that we find the right schools.... [More]


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An increasing number of parents are on the web these days - for our kids. We use the world wide web to download games and activities for them. Several of us are also using it to find education content to help them learn better. Now a days, an increasing proportion of parents are leaving the kids on the web on specific sites, unsupervised. It is here that there is a need to know better on what is suitable and good for our kids. Here I will provide a list of 5 sites, which I think are suited for children aged 3 -12 years of age. I have analysed these sites on 3 dimensions. * Fun quotient: Will the kids enjoy being on the site? Does the site have enough activities that will engage them? Does it have content that they will enjoy reading, doing and watching? * Learning: Do the kids learn while they are having fun? Is the information at the site factually correct and well researched? Who are the people behind the site? * Safety: Is the site safe for kids? Is the content age appropriate? What about pop-ups and advertisements on the side? Is it a social media? Will you be able to supervise their activity?... [More]