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We often wonder what is the best way of learning? If left alone, can kids learn by themselves or do they always need a teacher an adult supervisor to guide them? Can they learn and still enjoy themselves i.e. can learning ever be enjoyable and how? Amidst all this talk of child centric education system, can the education process be really driven by kids? Can they decide what they want to learn and how? Can they be motivated to learn interesting things while working together? This excellent talk on by Sugata Mitra explores these ...... [More]


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Gifts that matter. Amazing gift ideas for 6 to 9 year old kids. These gifts will be popular for both boys and girls. Read more ...... [More]


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400px;">It is birthday of your child/grand child. Are you left stranded thinking what to gift them? What could be a gift that they would like and also find useful? Should it be one more toy, video game CD, that cricket bat, a book .... what? Finding the right gifts for kids is often nothing less than an achievement. You have a lot to think. * Is it right for their age? * Will the gift go beyond just the latest fad and help them develop some skill or hobby that they will cherish for life? * Very important, will they like it? Here, I will outline a 4 step process that will help you find just the right great gift for the kids.... [More]


Improving learning process and outcome »

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In one of my previous posts, we said that it is important that kids have fun in the learning process to ensure effective learning. If the student wi ll enjoy the experience, like they do with games, there will be no need for coercion or external motivation. Let us look at this in some more detail and also draw some ideas from sports and video games to achieve this in real life. Research, by comparing studies with sports, has shown that learning process can b e fun if there are 3 elements in it. Learning experience must provides the right le vel of challenge for the student: Challenge or difficulty in a task makes it interesting and provides a sense of fulfilment at the completion of the task.... [More]


Internet for kids »

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An increasing number of parents are on the web these days - for our kids. We use the world wide web to download games and activities for them. Several of us are also using it to find education content to help them learn better. Now a days, an increasing proportion of parents are leaving the kids on the web on specific sites, unsupervised. It is here that there is a need to know better on what is suitable and good for our kids. Here I will provide a list of 5 sites, which I think are suited for children aged 3 -12 years of age. I have analysed these sites on 3 dimensions. * Fun quotient: Will the kids enjoy being on the site? Does the site have enough activities that will engage them? Does it have content that they will enjoy reading, doing and watching? * Learning: Do the kids learn while they are having fun? Is the information at the site factually correct and well researched? Who are the people behind the site? * Safety: Is the site safe for kids? Is the content age appropriate? What about pop-ups and advertisements on the side? Is it a social media? Will you be able to supervise their activity?... [More]