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We often either ignore a school's distance from home or tend to look at available transport options (bus, auto etc) as long as a school is good. But we believe that there are reasons, beyond obvious, why the distance must be an important consideration in your school search and why a school too far from home must not be your top priority. Let us look at ...... [More]


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In your hunt for the right school for your kid, one the early questions that you will face is the decision on type of school based on duration of the school and then decide which one to go for. From duration of the school, we mean the number of hours that a child is supposed to spend at the school before he / she comes home. As per this classification, there are primarily 3 types of schools 1. Day School This is by far the most common types of schools in India or anywhere else in the world. The child spends ...... [More]


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This is a platform where all the stake holders of education system come together to discuss, share and help to make the education system in India better. We hope that everyone will contribute here and shrae their experiences with each other to bring out the best practices in each area and help child grow the most. Thanks, SchoolCountry Team... [More]