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Best websites for kids

An increasing number of parents are on the web these days - for our kids. We use the world wide web to download games and activities for them. Several of us are also using it to find education content to help them learn better. Now a days, an increasing proportion of parents are leaving the kids on the web on specific sites, unsupervised. It is here that there is a need to know better on what is suitable and good for our kids. 

Here I will provide a list of 5 sites, which I think are suited for children aged 3 -12 years of age. I have analysed these sites on 3 dimensions.

  • Fun quotient: Will the kids enjoy being on the site? Does the site have enough activities that will engage them? Does it have content that they will enjoy reading, doing and watching?
  • Learning: Do the kids learn while they are having fun? Is the information at the site factually correct and well researched? Who are the people behind the site? 
  • Safety: Is the site safe for kids? Is the content age appropriate? What about pop-ups and advertisements on the side? Is it a social media? Will you be able to supervise their activity?
The top 5 sites, in no specific order are ...

  • What I like about it: This is a free website. It has hundreds of age appropriate games and activities for kids and they keep adding more. The design and layout of the games and site is good for the kids. They have large buttons, big fonts and colorful images. You can even download drawing pages and print them for your kids and let them have fun off line. The quality of games is usually good and kids can spend time on this site
  • What I dont like about it: It has advertisements on the side bars of the web page. Kids usually like to click at a lot of places. Especially flashy, colorful images, such as ads, attract their attention. Also, the games are not categorized by age and there is no way to differentiate a game for a 5 year old from a 12 year old. Finally, these are pure games, with little learning element attached to it. The kids will spend a lot of time online, but will the learn?
  • What I like about it: They have well researched fun games for kids. The design and layout of the games and site is good and done with kids in mind.  The kids will enjoy being here and spending time on the site. What is a big plus for them is that the games are linked to the age appropriate education content. So, once you provide the age of your child, you will be served only age appropriate games and there will be hidden learning elements behind the game. So the kids learn while they have fun. Also, it is completely free from advertisements of all kinds and thus very safe. I love it
  • What I dont like about it: It is paid. I think they ask for a 6 month or 1 year of subscription upfront. 
  • What I like about it: They are free. They have lots of games. 
  • What I dont like about it: Lots of ads on the site. No way to get age appropriate games. Quality of games is not as great as other sites mentioned above
  • What I like about it: They are free. They have lots of games. The games are all very well designed. The level of interaction is very high with the kids. The quality of AV content is one of the best of all sites mentioned. 
  • What I dont like about it: Its of PBS network. So they try to promote their shows and characters in hidden ways. These things have an influence on the child. Also, there is no way to find age appropriate content. The learning element was there but not to the level of my liking. But you can explore
  • What I like about it: Very well deigned site. Excellent use of sound, visuals etc to engage kids. This is more on education then on fun but still good quality games.  
  • What I dont like about it: It is paid. The games d o not engage the kids instinctively. They have high learning element and thus it takes a bit of time for the kids to develop a liking for the site. You might have to sit with the kid and get them to play the games.
These were top 5 sites from me. Would love to hear your thoughts on this and please do contribute if you think there are other sites in this league


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