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19 coolest and most useful gift ideas for 10-15 year old boys and girls

I have had my share of trying to find the right gifts. It has never been easy. But I have formed my little technique and a check list that helps me find some pretty good gifts for boys and girls. I dont say its easy, but it gets me some great results

gift ideas for boys and girls

The task of finding gifts gets more difficult when you have to do it for kids. And the difficulty reaches astronomical proportions when the boys and girls are in the age of 10-15 years. Here we share some gift ideas and more importantly, the approach to find the coolest and most useful gifts for 10-15 year old boys and girls. Follow these 4 steps to find the perfect gift for boys and the right gift for girls. Every time. Just read on.

Step 1: Understand profile of 10-15 year old boys and girls

Gift ideas will follow in just a bit. But to find the right gift, it is important to understand the profile of the person for whom you are buying the gift. 10-15 years, tweens and teens, is undoubtedly one of the most complex phases of life for the kids and for their parents. 9 years and younger, the kids had no issues with the protection and authority of parents. 16 years and older, and they have experienced the growing up phase and parents too are familiar and more open to accepting this new adult in their home.

gifts ideas for 10-15 year old boys and girls

However, in between, i.e. 10-15 years of age, is new and challenging for both kids and parents. Boys and girls are growing up. Their bodies and minds are experiencing complex change s. They are exposed to new set of friends and information. They have their own decisions and challenges in life, which are important to them, and very rightly so. They need privacy, space and autonomy. While at the same time, they are still kids and parental support is required and you realize this. However, you are not sure where to draw the line. That is why this is a very complex time. 

Once they reach their tweens and teens, boys and girls are now very different. Now is also the time when there are secrets, closed groups and matters of life and death. Fashion, looking cool and being in-the-group are important matters. The newly picked up slangs, dressing styles are all part of that and very important. So finding the right gift for boys or gifts that girls will love is not an easy task. So think hard. Think what they are like, what they are going through and what they may love and not like at this age.

Step 2: Define the objective of your gift and then explore options

What do you want them to gain from your gift? Gifts are remembered and cherished if some thought has gone in to finding the right one. So what do you want your gift to do for the boys and girls? One of the ways to think about it is look at how you would want them to be develop and grow. Look at things that would really help them in life. Combine your gift of value with this in-thing and you have a winner at your hand for your teen. Some options to look at ...

Your gift can support a hobby

Weather its a new or already existing hobby, support it through your gift. This is a creative and very positive outlet for all their new found energy. A hobby will stay with them for life. Apart from being good for them, it is also a way for the teens to be popular and known in the groups. They would love things that help them move up in their social circles. 

  1. Sports lessons for boys and girls, including membership for sports clubs, coaching facilities, 
  2. Musical instruments can be very popular gift for 10-15 year old boys and girls
  3. Lessons for learning these musical instruments can be an interesting and new gift opportunity too. How about 3 months of guitar lessons
  4. Dancing lessons can be quiet popular with girls and boys
  5. Learning a new language is always a very positive option. Though not easy but its an awesome skill. At a basic level you could gift them a book or subscription to a website that teaches this language or hours with a teacher
  6. Drawing and art lessons including a course in something exotic that can be talked about at schools and with teachers. This usually is quiet popular gift for girls. They will find it useful. 
  7. Any special and niche interest e.g. archaeology, wood work, pottery, electronics etc. This is a gift that boys and girls will love this. This type of gift will allow them to "show-off" and at the same time learn something new and interesting

Your gift can help instigate curiosity and learning

For 10 to 15 year old boys and girls, schools have become important, classes are becoming tougher and competition is ever increasing. Can your gift help them do better in their classes and while they enjoy it? Some of the examples are 

  1. Books have always been an ever green option. The catch is to find the right book as a gift that they will find useful and interesting
  2. Magazine subscriptions (online or offline) can a cherished gift for both boys and girls. 
  3. Science projects, electronic kits, math games and fun exercises can be great gifts to start a new interest or get rid of fear. Both boys and girls will love this. More importantly use it
  4. Computer and internet connection at home with membership of specialized web courses that help them learn in a fun way. Awesome cool gift for boys, trust me on this. I guess it is a nice gift for girls too. But if you do this, you will be revered and talked about in the right circles ;) 
  5. Membership of science museums e.g. a 1 month unlimited pass to local museum is a new gift for girls and boys
  6. Similarly trips to student activity centers in your locality can be a good idea. You could go a step further and do this for their whole gang. So a gift for the band of boys or the group of girls to go out with their friends
  7. How about teaching them the value of money! May be a game or a book to teach that
  8. Better still, how about gifting them a small seed fund to start their own business. That might be interesting and rewarding. The amount can be very small but the learning will not be

Your gift can create a bond with you

gift ideas for 10 to 15 year old boys and girls

This is very important. As they grow, they tend to become closer to their friends and trust the friends more for important matters rather than you. Somewhere, due to our behaviour or actions, we have lost their trust. They think we wont understand. It is important to regain that trust. Some of the gift ideas can help you do that are ...

  1. Vacation: Weather its out of country or just 1 hour's drive from your home, a gift of vacation has a potential to unite you with your kids, provided you do it right. Vacation must be a gift for them. Genuinely involve them in planning and decisions for the vacation. Give them responsibilities for finding a list of hotels where you could stay given your budget and then involve them in final selection. Girls can be great at organizing and planning and boys can do a lot of running around. When at the destination, let them plan activities for the family and enjoy them with them. Share your thoughts and concerns and ask them for their advice. Treat them as adults and set an example. This is a time for you to relax and bond. Use this well
  2. Plan actions that you could both do: Learning something new together, example golf, scuba diving etc can be gifts that are hit with boys. They would pick up a new hobby and at the same time bond with you
  3. Other things like cooking something exotic where you can learn to cook with your family would be a very fun and interesting outing. You all will have loads of fun and will cherish this forever
  4. Working for a good cause for 1 day would be an enriching gift too. Say you could devote 1 full day to teach some kids or spend at the old age home or take them to the movies etc. It will be cherished by you and by the kids. This will be tons of fun and will be a source of lasting fond memories. Make sure to click some pictures

Step 3: Ensure that gifts are safe for 10 to 15 year old boys and girls

The kids in age of 10-15 years have become more mature. While choosing gifts for 1-2 year old kids or even gifts for 3 to 5 year old boys and girls, you have to be very cautious if they would swallow it or just hurt themselves with it etc. However, here the safety requirements for gifts differ. 

  • Ensure that their trips outside home are safe in terms of modes of commuting
  • If your gift for your boys or girls involves some coaching classes, club membership or hobby classes then ensure that the people they interact with are safe.  The coaches and teachers can have a big influence over the kids. Ensuring that they are clean, do not smoke in front of kids, have a good reputation etc will go a long way in providing safety. 
  • Avoid giving sharp objects, projectiles etc or ensure the right supervision when it is being used

Step 4: Personalize the gift for your boy or girl and choose! 

As usual, this is the last and most crucial step. How do you ensure that they like your gift? Well... that is complex and will need some effort. See their TV shows, magazines, talk to them and their friends. Understand what is really the in-thing these days for them and what is it that your son/daughter wants. Choosing gifts for your teen or tween is not easy. But the thought that you will put in knowing them and understanding them will count. They will realize the effort you have put and will appreciate and love you for the same. 

Did you learn something new today from this post? If yes, do leave your comment or like us on facebook / twitter / google+ to help spread the world. Please share your experience of finding the right gifts for boys and girls with the community here to make this a richer knowledge pool for all. 

Happy hunting. 

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