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Rs 300 crore to improve student teacher ratio in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh government has taken notice of the dismal infrastructure and student teacher ratio in its primary schools. The state has earmarked Rs 300 crore to reach the “perfect” student teacher ratio in its government run schools.


Student teacher ratio in primary schools in India - Madhya Pradesh

student teacher ratio of primary schools in indian states - bihar 57, uttar pradesh 45, madhya pradesh 35, orissa 33, gujarat 32


The state has nearly 1,11,000 teachers in primary schools and close to 4,00,000 over all. The student teacher ratio in some primary schools is beyond 50:1. In fact, when compared, it is is one of the worst student teacher ratios of all states in India. The state government, it seems has decided to stop hiding behind statistics and do something. Therefore, the government will now employ nearly 1 lakh tutors to improve the existing student teacher ratio from the average of 45:1 to 30:1 in primary schools and 35:1 in middle schools. There will be mass drive to recruit teachers, assistant teachers, head masters and instructors. They will be recruited on a contractual basis and confirmed after 3 years.


As a part of the same initiative, the government will also set up computer labs and learning centers in its schools to improve the quality of teaching. This is an interesting move by a state that is considered laggard in education space. We hope that Madhya Pradesh government succeeds in their intention to improve the student teacher ratio in primary schools and setting up smart computer labs. It will be a giant leap forward for education.

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