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Fun math game for kids: Maths contest for Dec2011 by BrainX

SchoolCountry and BrainX Maths Training Program present this month's Contest@BrainX for you. This is an exciting maths game,  puzzle and challenge all rolled in to one. The contest@BrainX offers an amazing way to learn maths while having loads of fun. Get your child (class 2 to 7) to complete attached puzzle and send it back to us before 22nd Dec 2011. You get a chance to win exciting prizes and merchandise worth thousands of rupees. But more importantly, the student gets the thrill of participating in a real life challenging math puzzle

Fun maths game and activity for kids: BrainX contest for December 2011



Details about Contest@BrainX

What is Contest@BrainX: Contest@BrainX is organized every month at national level. We offer smart maths activities and math games to school students that often go beyond pure syllabus. The students are encouraged to apply the brains to solve the problems. In this exciting maths game, participation is invited from schools students all over India. 

Who all can participate: Any school student from class 2 to 7 is eligible to complete this maths game and win. The contest will be judged separately for each class.

What if my child has not been able to solve it fully: Do not worry. Its a math game whose purpose is to encourage the kids to think smart and love maths. The puzzle often goes beyond the traditional course taught in the class. So it is not expected that a child can complete it. That is why we judge students by class.

Even if the child cannot complete the puzzle, encourage them to do their best and send the entry to SchoolCountry team. This will boost their morale and help them get rid of the fear of maths. Who knows, they might actually win!


How can my child participate: Participation in this BrainX math game is simple. The BrainX customers have already received this contest in this month's BrainX edition. For others, just download the image above and take a print out (right click on the above image and then click "save image as". Now print this image). Get the student to complete it and fill the attached form.

  • You can email it to us at In the subject put the title as "Contest@BrainX: December 2011" OR
  • You can send it to us by post to SchoolCountry, 219, Pink City Towers, Banipark, Jaipur - 302016. Please make sure to put your contact number and address on the envelope. The title of the envelope should be "Contest@BrainX: December 2011"

How will you judge my child's entry: All entries that reach us before the last date will be eligible for the contest. Our team of teachers will judge the entries separately for each class and rank those. If there are many correct responses at the same score, then we use lucky draw to select the prize winner. 

What can my child win: You get a chance to win exciting prizes, vouchers and schoolcountry merchandise worth thousands of rupees. More importantly, there is the immense satisfaction of solving a challenging maths puzzle.  

What is the last date: Send it to us latest by Thursday, 22nd December 2011. 


How will I know the results: The answer to this contest and the names of the winners will be declared on Monday 26th December 2011. The winners will also be intimated by phone / email. The prizes will be sent to their home.

I want to know more: If you want to associate BrainX with your school or just want some more details about the contest for your child, you can write an email to or call BrainX helpline (0141 220 9881)


Enjoy the game and best of luck!

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