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5th grade math worksheets to develop REAL math skills

And here is the new addition on our math worksheet series. We bring to you 3 amazing worksheets for grade 5 math for your child. This is when students have started asking questions. The WHY questions. They are no more satisfied with just math tricks and techniques. They want to know "why am I doing this". They will not take it just because you said it. So as a parent or a teacher, it becomes important to focus on the practical and real side of math. You will need to bring out the application of why and where it will be useful to keep them interested. 

Yes, you can teach percentages. But its better if you teach them where percentages will be used in real life for them. And how about volume and weight. They have been studying 1k=1000g for the past 1 year. But what else is there to the weight and volume other than this formula? To keep them engaged, bring out the applications. Demonstrate the real! Below, we give out 5 activities that try to demonstrate the real side of math. 


1st worksheet for grade 5 math: Milky way on getting a real understanding of volume

We once asked students in a very reputed school, how many ml (mili liters) are there in a l (liter). All of them immediately responded, 1000ml=1l. Now we asked them, what is the volume of a bathroom bucket? We got responses ranging from 1l to 2.5l to 5l. A normal bucket holds between 15-22 liters of water. But kids who knew the formula by rote, had no clue of the real meaning of volume. Try this worksheet to introduce your kids to the journey of milk and get them to understand the real volume.


Worksheet focus

  • Grade for this worksheet: grade 5 Math
  • Major focus of this worksheet: Volume, Conversion of ml to l, Estimation of volume
  • Minor focus of this worksheet: 

Click here to download more printable math worksheets for grade 5. These are all high quality worksheets made to address maths skills through applications, activities and games, and are completely aligned to the NCTM Singapore and NCERT Math curriculum for grade 5.




2nd worksheet for grade 5 math: Line drawing on use of protractors

This is an all out math activity. Can you guess what will be made if you follow all the instructions? Encourage your child to use protractor, scale and pencil and try and complete this sheet. If you do it correctly, you will be surprised with the drawing. Many more such creative activities make math interesting and fun for thousands students across the world. 

Worksheet focus

  • Grade for this worksheet: grade 5 Math
  • Major focus of this worksheet: Use of protractors and scales, Understanding orientation
  • Minor focus of this worksheet: 

More real life applications of math can explored to build a sense of familiarity and utility.


3rd worksheet for grade 5 math: Electric Shock on percentages and decimal operations

This activity beautifully combines percentage and decimals with reading your monthly electricity bill. How many kids do you know who can read and interpret a real bill, any bill, leave alone an ill printed electricity bill? Take them through this fun activity of deciphering an electricity bill and answering real questions as you solve math problems. 

Worksheet focus

  • Grade for this worksheet: grade 5 Math
  • Major focus of this worksheet: Percentage, Decimal operations 
  • Minor focus of this worksheet: Reading an electricity bill

Grade 5 maths to move towards what we call "tough". You will need to integrate activity, fun and realism with maths for your kids to like it and continue doing well at it in higher classes.





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