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Math worksheet on multiplication facts for grade 1

This math worksheet focuses on multiplication facts. Multiplication facts are a crucial building block to future skills in math, be it multiplication with large numbers, repeated addition, division or even speed subtraction. Remembering facts is often a mind numbing task because they do not know the reason or application for it and hence kids resist it the most. We present a colorful multiplication worksheet on multiplication facts for 2.  


This worksheet tries to demonstrate what multiplication with 2 really means? Have you ever wondered what does it mean to multiply with 2? Multiplication with 2 means "doubling it". So the previous number is doubled. This multiplication worksheet shows that by means of its setting of barber shop. Every thing that we see in the mirror is doubled up, one in reality and one in the mirror. Use this worksheet to get your kids started on multiplication facts and see them recall the table of 2 every time they are in front of a mirror.


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Print this out in vibrant colors and give it to your child to practice. Click here to get more free math worksheet samples for grade 1 or to order the complete package of printed math worksheets delivered at your home.

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