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I am reading NCERT class 9 and 10 books for NTSE. Can I crack this exam. [View Answer]
By - Swagat Subudhi      

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Hello Swagat

NTSE has 2 parts. SAT and MAT. SAT usually has entire course from grade 6 to 10 with largest focus on grade 9 curriculum. So you are on the right track. However, for History, Civics, Geography you will need to be aware of what is taught in early classes too.

A word of caution is to note that SAT 50% of NTSE. But most students end up giving 80-90% of the preparation time to SAT and very little to MAT. Hence they are under prepared in MAT. We strongly recommend to practice enough MAT questions.

You can refer to NTSE Brainstorm (link given below) to practice SAT and MAT for NTSE. It has 50000 practice questions on MAT and 8 full length papers for SAT and MAT.

Good luck.

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