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Dear School Country team thank you very much for providing such a wonderful information to all parents in India. Basicaaly I am from kolhapur Maharastra and my elder son is in 1st class studying in Shantiniketn school which is having a CBSE board. But my confusion is started with last one year because another two to three schools namely Poddar International School, Vibgoyr International Sccols has been started in Kolhapur Now this institute are running schools in some big cities of India. But present school of my son is local only and education in this school is good but after establishing of above mentioned two schools I am in double mind that shall I switch the school or what? In view of above I would like to suggest you that if you could able to provide all parents school rating chart then it will be easier to us for choosing the school. hoping for your valuable reply. [View Answer]
By - Abhijit Shinde      

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