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Looking for a new school - 5 reasons why you should prefer a new school over an older school

This is a continuation of our discussion on finding good schools for kids and understanding what role does age of school play, if any, in its quality. Let us look at reasons why we think you should prefer a newly established schools over an older school. These schools are coming up now and they vary well realize their limitations vs older, more established schools in the same city. To overcome those, they also rely on new techniques and it is these that are potential advantages. We list down 5 advantages here.

Technology enabled classrooms


New schools are likely to have newer, up-to-date infrastructure

Yes, we agree that a new school cannot compete with an older school in terms of extent of infrastructure just yet. However, they can compete in the quality of core infrastructure. Infrastructure requires heavy investment and it is for this reason that it cannot be revamped over night. So older schools may have an extensive library but a new school might offer networked, digital classrooms. They offer e-books and subscribe to latest e-journals for research. Similarly, out of the city location for newer schools may permit them to have bigger play areas which older schools due to their central location cannot afford. 

New schools will have newer teaching methodology

Since they do not have the baggage of past traditions, the newer schools have to develop newer methodologies for teaching that are more in-line with today's requirements e.g. audio-visual teaching aids, digitized homework assignments, international teaching methodologies etc. They often tend to control their class sizes and try and maintain an optimal student teacher ratio to prevent teacher fatigue and maintain healthy interaction levels.

New schools form partnerships and associations

The newer schools often try to compensate for their lack of age and established name by tying up with more established partners and associations to leverage their experience. Examples are franchise model of schooling, tying up with schools abroad to start a teacher or student exchange programs etc. These programs often permit the newer schools to borrow from the experience of their older counterparts and yet imbibe the benefits of new

New schools are likely to have a more diverse student profile

Due to their traditions, selection process and reputation, older schools can be very selective in admitting students and more often than not, they may admit students from a particular profile. This will vastly limit the exposure that kids receive in schools. While newer schools can be less selective. This, in a way, is a great advantage. Due to a multi-cultural class from diverse backgrounds, the discussions in school are often much richer and more interesting. Also, friend network of kids is diverse. This is a distinct advantage in today's world.

New schools are likely to be more open to inputs

Inputs from parents, teachers and students go a long way in improving the overall quality of education. Since the school is new, it values those inputs greatly and is more likely to openly listen to the inputs and take concrete action on them to improve itself. Older schools will be a little less receptive to changes and new inputs. The entire point being, newer schools will be more agile, open and active and thus may improve and evolve faster than older schools.


Hope this post, combined with our previous post on 5 benefits of older schools over new schools will help you make an aware and informed choice. If you liked reading this, then you can join us on facebook, twitter, email or RSS to stay informed of our upcoming posts. 


Please let us know about your experience on this and that would help make the discussion a lot richer for the entire community. 

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