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Day boarding school - What it is it and why to go for it for your kids

Continuing our series on finding the right schools for your kids, we now classify the schools based on the duration and categorize them in 3 types as day school, day boarding school and boarding school. In this blog post, we will discuss all about day boarding schools and why, if at all, should you choose it for your kids.

What is a day boarding school

As the name suggests, it is a school that provides boarding facilities for the day i.e. the child can stay at the school for the day. This is a hybrid between a day school and a boarding school. A typical day boarding school is from 8 am to 6 pm for 6 days of the week. Like day schools, they have classes in the fir st half of day, say from 8 am to 1 pm. The students will continue to stay at the school after classes end.


In the afternoon, the students are offered lunch by the school. Most schools have bunk beds or dorms where the students can rest and take a short nap during the afternoon. After that students are typically asked to study and complete their homework. A good day school will provide access to tutors and library to support the studies. On some days, the kids are supposed to participate in extra curricular activities, including sports, at the school premises itself. The school ends between 5 to 6 pm when kids go home. 

Why to choose a day boarding school

Day boarding schools are a boon for nuclear families where both parents are working and kids are young to be left alone at home. You c an drop your child in the school in the morning and expect to have him/her back home in the evening, at around the same time when one of you gets home from office. There is no need to pick up the child in the middle of the day and leave him/her in creche or with maid or with some relative.


Since the school ensures that kids are provided lunch and snacks on time, supports them in their homework and is responsible for safety, it is an extremely attractive proposition, even though slightly expensive than a day school. 

If you are a family where both parents are working, kids are young to be left alone or entrusted to maid and there are no relatives under the same roof to take care of kids, then you should definitely try and find out about day boarding schools in your city while looking for schools for your kids. However, you need to be aware of 7 potential pain points before you finalize a day boarding school. In our next article (here) we will discuss these points. 


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