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9 tips for instilling healthy eating habits in kids

Introducing healthy eating habits in kids from an early age is very vital in today’s world. Our grocery store shelves are so fil led with processed food, that we need to take time to make the right food choices. Research says that kids develop taste buds based on foods they are introduced to. So it is more than just supplying their daily calorific requirements. They develop an eating pattern for their lifetime based on what they are exposed to. It is important for parents and elders to introduce them to healthy foods and help them make that better choice for their future life. One of the first steps to reducing child obesity and instilling healthy eating habits is to move away from processed foods. Below, we list 9 easy to follow shifts in eating pattern for our kids that will make a huge difference in the long term.



  1. Shift to whole wheat or multigrain for that morning toast instead of plain white bread
  2. Store bought health drinks are loaded with flavourings and artificial sweeteners. Try replacing them with home made almond powder or Sathu maaavu (nutritious flour powder ). it is equally yummy and loaded with proteins and fiber for your kids
  3. Cut down on those chocolate and ice-cream treats for your kids. Sweet treats are reserved for special occasions and festivals, it is not an everyday indulgence
  4. Encourage healthy snacking on fruits and nuts, instead of chips, biscuits and cookies
  5. Help your kid get that much needed fat from a natural source rather than a bar of butter or processed cheese slices. Peanuts, almonds, cashwes, paneer and ghee supply that essential fat for your child’s growth and is more wholesome
  6. Restrict cooking potatoes to just twice a week, you will be surprised at the variety of vegetables available in the market. Potatoes are just a high carbohydrate source and is not a replacement for vegetables
  7. Try homemade panneer instead of storebought. It is more flavourful, a good source of calcium and free of artificial rennet
  8. Include more of pan sauteed food instead of deep frying. This supplies healthy calories and preserves natural vitamins and minerals
  9. Last but not the least, try not to consume more than 6 teaspoons of sugar per day. This includes the sugar content of sweets , chocolates and beverages like soda, tea, coffee , juices and flavoured milk

We would love to hear your tips and tricks to introduce healthy food to your kids. Do write to us about it.

This post was contributed by our guest editor Jayabharathy. If you enjoyed our article, you can follow us on facebook / rediff or on email to stay updated about other articles from Jaya in the future. 




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