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At the age of 2 a child becomes physically active and mentally inquisitive. The child continually experiments with his/her surroundings by touching, smelling and tasting things around him. He speaks, shows his expression and asks questions too. What I found most interesting was that my son started using his logic and analysis in doing same e.g. he once tasted brown colored chocolate powder, so the next time he saw a brow powder, he instinctively reached out to put it in his mouth. The sense of color and texture was already there.  It was wonderful to see him apply logic and intuition in his own little way.

So I thought that he can be involved in games that can help further build his logic, exercise memory and ask for some physical activity. Example is use of patterns, colors, puzzles and shapes.


Some of the games that I feel all kids his age would enjoy and benefit from are listed below


i-                    If we give them big colourful  blocks at the age of 12 month to 15 month they really develop their sense of design and structure


ii-                  At this age, they also understand music and can connect simple sentences to build a story , so books and CD of poems and story are very good time pass and building imagination


iii-                Telling story through our own mouth is also a great experience, for him and for me, because it enhances communication skills and bonding between both. You will be surprised that your child remembers these stories and even a month or two later will ask you to repe

at it.


iv-                Children love mobility at around this age. So bicycles, tricyles will be lovely presents. They will love to copy their parents and take out their cars to office or market


v-                  Water colors or sketch pens will be wonderful tools to bring out their creativity. Children at this age enjoy the colors. So just let them free. But make sure to use child-safe products  as they are bound to put these in their mouth. Also, you will definitely see some cute and precious modern art on your walls from your budding artists. So be prepared with the cleaning solutions


vi-                Children are very interested in animals and birds. So telling them about birds, animals with the help of flash card is interesting and educative too.


vii-              Solving puzzles of different field also challenges them unless they find it very difficult. So while choosing puzzles for them don’t compare them with other friends


This is based on my experience. Hope you find this useful.


Guest Author: Rinky Agrawal (Company Secretary) Mumbai


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