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CBSE vs ICSE: The final verdict by comparing along 6 dimensions


Often parents are confused between CBSE and ICSE. Which board to choose? What are the differences between the CBSE and ICSE? Which board will be better for the development of the student? These and lot many questions are there to haunt us parents. You will find here the most comprehensive set of answers to these questions.

First of all, ICSE is not a board. Surprised! The CBSE equivalent here is the Council of Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE). In our previous article we wrote about salient features of 4 popular school boards in India. Here we will focus on comparison between CBSE and CISCE (ICSE) boards along 6 critical dimensions.  

comparison between CBSE and ICSE board along 6 dimensions


Spread or Prevalence: 

CBSE board is more popular of the two (CBSE vs ICSE (CISE)) by a huge margin. It is followed in 9000+ schools in India and abroad. Thereby making it easier to find schools when you move to a new place


Schools outside India: 

Well, here CBSE takes the cake over ICSE (CISCE). CBSE schools, titled CBSE videsh can be found in Middle east, South Africa and even in some European countries. So you can move countries without significant disruption of education for your kid.


Recognition by colleges in India:

Both the boards, i.e. CBSE and CISCE (ICSE) are recognized by most universities and colleges across India. So marks for class-12th will be recognized. Phew! That is one less thing to worry about. However, some colleges have started the process of “calibration” of marks. This means they put an adjustment factor for marks obtained in one board to make it comparable to the other. This “calibration” factor often varies from year to year and usually favours the board from which most number of applicants arrive, which in this case is the CBSE


Course content:

Both CBSE and ICSE (CISCE) have slightly different focus in terms of course content. CBSE content is very Science and Maths focused with lots of attention paid to application of knowledge. CISCE (ICSE) on the other hand is more balanced with equal focus on language, arts and science. This one is a personal preference. While I would want a more balanced curriculum for my child, it is up to you on what you prefer.


Teaching methodology:

Both CBSE and ICSE (CISCE) prescribe a certain teaching approach and both have underwent significant change over the past 10 year. Generally the focus has increased on learning through experience and experimentation rather than through one-way teaching. This is for the better! Ultimately the quality of instruction depends upon the school and less on the board. There is not much to choose here. 

As per us, the focus should be on effective learning which happens if the learning is ACTIVE and if it is ENJOYABLE for the student. ACTIVE learning i.e. learning by doing (vs passive listing or watching) helps a child retain up to 45 times more. Further, if they enjoy the learning process or outcome, then their interest and understanding increases manifold. Modern schools, at least CBSE and ICSE, have been making special efforts to include creative learning games, experiential projects and real life mathematical activities as a way to encourage learning. This is specially true for Maths, Science and English where a lot of attention and creative thinking has gone in to making learning interesting. Schools, teachers and you have to make special efforts to achieve these twin objectives. 


Freedom and flexibility:

CISCE (ICSE) takes the cake here over CBSE. There are a lot more subjects to choose from in class-12. Also, there is an option to take vocational course based on interest rather than pure academic courses for class-12. CBSE has been improving over the years in terms of combination of subjects etc offered but still ICSE has a lead. 


And the 7th bonus point - Competitions and Scholorship exams:

A lot of talent search examinations and scholarship exams such as SSTSE, NSEB, NSEC etc held at local and national level base their content on CBSE syllabus just because it is more prevelant. CBSE students will natuarally have an edge here. Though more and more exams are now trying to keep their content and exam papers board neutral.


If you have any queries about the choice of board, you can raise them here or ask your query to our experts. If you learnt something new today, then use the social media buttons on the side to help us spread the word. Next up is an article comparing CBSE with IB, the new and much hyped board in India. 



Comments (121) -

Self Assessment Software said:

Nice step taken for the education field. Nice blog!

Reshmi Dinesh said:

My daughter is 3 1/2 years old and i am planning to put her in LKG. My husband thinks that CBSE is more good for a kid who studies in India and I prefer to put her in ICSE.
We are confused between the two. Kindly give me reply asap

admin said:

Dear Reshmi,

Thank you for your query. To give an answer specific to your situation, it is important to know the following

1. Are you likely to relocate in future (within or outside India)
2. Are you currently living in an area where you have good CBSE, ICSE and IB schools in your proximity?
3. Is there a budget constraint?

However, till then, here is our more generic response

- Try and find a good school, irrespective of CBSE, IB or ICSE, within your budget and proximity. Good schools and great teachers matter a LOT more than board curriculum in shaping a child's academic performance, personality and ensuring overall development. You can read more about how to find a good school here.

- If and only if, you can find both type of good schools (CBSE and ICSE board) within your reach (distance and budget) then our very slight inclination is towards CBSE. For the following reasons
  - There are over 9000 CBSE schools in India and some abooad too. Within India, CBSE schools can be easily found in cities and in smaller towns.So it is very helpful when you relocate
  - More and more competitive exams are being conducted based on CBSE prescribed syllabus. Whether these exams are talent search exams like NSO, NTSE, SSTSE etc or college entrance exams
  - ICSE board used to have an edge in curriculum and course flexibility. But off late, CBSE too has significantly reformed its course work

Overall, we have a very slight preference for CBSE. Let us know if this has been helpful

You will find a lot of information about finding good schools, school fees, curriculum and board etc on this website. If you have liked this information or think it would be helpful to other parents too, you can "like" us on facebook to share it with your friends. This way, you will also receive helpful tips, information updates, FREE exercises for your child that we release frequently on facebook

Dhanraj Agrawal said:

Hi, After looking at various blogs and website, now I am confused difference between ICSE, CBSE, and State boards. I am looking for some help for my 3.5 yrs kid. I am from Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.

admin said:

Hello Dhanraj,

Thank you for the query. It is indeed a very confusing time for a parent. You might find it very helpful to go through the following articles

4 steps to finding a good school

Choosing between CBSE and ICSE

You might also like to read about the new IB board

However, since the child is so young, I would advice you to look for a good school near your home for the time being. A place that has good reputation for ensuring good foundation. Trust me, the board will not play any significant role right now.

You can worry about the board much later. Also, it is not so difficult to switch from one board to another, especially in early classes. At that point in time, my very slight preference would be towards CBSE board.

Let me know if this answered your query and feel free to write back in case you have more specific questions.


Manisha Das said:

Have to put my first born girl child in nursery.Confused about so many things 1.should i think on terms of which board (CBSE,ICSE, etc) 2. Since i want a holistic development and not only an academic environment, what schools are best for my child in Dwarka,new Delhi.

admin said:

Hello Manisha,

Thank you for the query. It is indeed a very confusing time for a parent. You might find it very helpful to go through the following articles

4 steps to finding a good school

Choosing between CBSE and ICSE

You might also like to read about the new IB board

However, since the child is so young, I would advice you to look for a good school near your home for the time being. A place that has good reputation. You can worry about the board much later. Also, it is not so difficult to switch from one board to another, especially in early classes.

karuna said:

hi, if CBSE had more math and science then ICSE,then why it is herder to move from CBSE to ICSE? i was looking for ICSE schools in Banglore near by HAL. if any one can help me to find them ,it will be great help for me and i will be very thankful to them.i don’t want him to travel one hour for school ,so i want to find find school near by house which is next to HAL airport Banglore.

admin said:

Hello Karuna,

Thanks for raising a pertinent question on CBSE vs ICSE. It is not hard because the math course in ICSE is tougher than in CBSE. It is difficult to move because

1. the teaching approach is different between CBSE and ICSE. This plays a crucial role
2. the course may be slightly different in CBSE and ICSE. What will be taught in class 5 in one board might be taught in class 4 in the other or vise versa.

What do you think?

As for finding a good school, I personally think its a right call that you are taking about reducing the travel time. One hour to and from the school is a lot of drain on the child. In fact, you might find it useful to read the 2 articles below regarding distance from a school and finding good schools.

Would be interesting to know what you think.

Harkishan said:

Dear Team Schoolcountry,
first of all i would like to congratulate and salute to all team for running such a truly help full, sensible ,resolving services. as the subject which you are covering are most crucial decision as a parent..!

i had gone through your blog as well web, noted the relevant & resolving points, and i want your comments/suggestion

i m from middle class family living at satellite, ahmedabad. i had only one son & currently studying at Eurokids@nursary. seeking a admission@Jr.KG and wants to switch over to other school as after Sr.KG it will be very difficult to get admission other wise i believes that Eurokids is expert for preschool.My parents are favouring state board by giving more importance on mother tong as we all believes that language is not a bar if we really wants to learn something as we all had learnt through state board(Gujarati) and currently with experience we all are working with national/mnc company and had a good/fair control over language, but as regards to kids future after 20-25 yrs definitely english will be the only most convenient language for all communication, so english medium is not a problem, now it comes to next level CBSE/ICSE ! as per ur responses to other same question u had recommended slightly higher CBSE. if kid is taking a more interest with music/dance/sports then which board is preferable ? as i belive that kid interest is more important other than education.
life is more beautiful if we are able to understood what actually our heart wants Smile

Harkishan Jagad.

admin said:

Hello Harikishan

Thank you so much for the very encouraging comment. It was a great boost to our morale.
I think you made a very pertinent comment here. Let me start with the part about language. The language should never be a barrier in learning. Rather it should be aid the learning process. It is very natural that a child will better understand a subject if taught in his or her mother tongue.

I also agree with your point that one can pickup the English language and get make good career choices for yourself even if he/she has studied in a different language at the start.

However, if you ask me, I will have a bias towards English as the medium of instruction. There are 3 reasons for it.

- We are in a very globalized world. Much more than what it was even 10 years ago. The language for computers is English. The language for business is English. It is the world's common language. The sooner you pick it up, the better it will be.

- Our ability to pickup a language is very high early on. Think about your ability to pickup Gujarati and your comfort with Gujarati grammar and spellings. So I insist on starting early

- Learning English in school does not mean that he will not pick up Gujarati. The atmosphere at home, your location (ahmedabad) etc will ensure that he is fluent in Gujarati as well.

Anyways, I would recommend that you go through the following article on our blog. It might be of interest.

As for the board of education, I think your child is still very young. Neither he nor you would have any idea of what he would do when he grows up. These things would greatly change.
I would suggest that you choose a good school that is near your home, rather than focus on the board. It is possible to move to a different board even at a later stage. Both CBSE and ICSE are great boards. They too are changing and evolving very rapidly. Both of them have greatly increased their flexibility and will further do so in future. So currently, just choose a great school.

Hope this has not confused you further. Would be happy to discuss this in greater detail.

mohammed said:

my son is 8 icse or cbse is good

KUNAL said:

Hi, I am a student of CMS,an ICSE school i have just given my  10'th board exams.
now some people are advising me to join CBSE board for the next classes since it's course is comparatively simpler and it may help me in my preparation for comparatives, since it will save more both time(as much of CBSE's class 11'th and class 12'th course is taught by ICSE already till class 10'th)and also since most competitions are based on CBSE.
                               Well so I'am a bit confused as ICSE gives more career options and is more English based,and I am particularly more English based to and a loser in Hindi.If CBSE gives more importance to Hindi,I might regret joining CBSE.So what should I do?

Madhura said:

Hi, my son is 3.5 yr old. Right now he is in ICSE Board-Universal Thane. Its nice school and he is enjoying too. However in near future will it be beneficial to continue the same or I should check for CBSE. Fees are almost same for the both board. Near future there are high chances to move to Europe.
However looking at blogs above i am bit worried as it shows you are recommending more CBSE. Is it difficult to be in ICSE or is it that teaching would be too different. Right now i am quite happy with Universal High, Thane School.

franku said:

iam in class 8 i am very confused as maths physics and chem are not thre in cbse till class 9 . also what they are teaching us now are taught in cbse in10 please advice me because i want o go to MIT USA AND IIT AS SECOND PREFERNCE whether i should continue in the same board and which board willl give me more knowledge to go to mit

Ayyanar said:

First, I would like to thanks for the excellent details.  But still I am confused a lot in selecting school (due to local factors) for my 3.5 yrs olf daughter to put her in to LKG.  Here are the details
There are 2 schools, 1 is ICSE and other is CBSE
The school is well recognised in my area (almost 50+ yrs history).  But the over all no of student will be more than 1000 includes of all standards (KG to +2)
The fee strcuture is Nominal and it is affordable easily
The distance from home is around 15 min travel by school Bus
The environment is quite ok
The teacher Student ratio is expected around 30+ per teacher
Getting admission is quite tough as there is a big competition in getting there

Its a new school started some 5 or 6 years back, having classes only upto VIth grade so far and it gets incremented every year.  The overall student strentgh is less than 500.
It is informed that, the teaching style is purely Activity based though its CBSE pattern
Teacher student ratio is very good. with 15 - 20 (max) student per teacher
Environment is very good and teachers communication with parents is good as well
The travel time will be around 30 min
The fee structure is on a higher side (almost twice as that of ISCE) as they claim its Internation school with airconditioned fascility.  But still it is affordable by us.

We may relocate to some other cities in future (mainly Chennai or Bangalore).

Please advice us to choose the best one for my daughter.

admin said:

Thank you for your comment. This is too little a detail to give any comment here. Please provide some more details about the options you have, cost, distance from home etc.

Only then will we be able to provide proper advice

admin said:

Thanks for the comment. Here is my response
- About CBSE being easier than ICSE ... CBSE is not easier than ICSE. Both boards follow very scientifically designed curriculum. So there is no way that ICSE class X covers the syllabus of CBSE class XI and XII. Some topics may be common but not the level of difficulty. Please have a look at the books and the questions for CBSE class XI and XII to get the idea yourself

- About Hindi focus ... CBSE does not have Hindi as a compulsory subject in XI and XII. You are free to avoid it.

- About competitive exams ... Not sure which type of competitive exams you are interested in? Is it AIEEE, CPMT, something else? Usually, most reputed competitive exams are planned so that they are neutral to the students of CBSE and ICSE and they do not provide any undue advantage to any board. So that should not be a concern.

Overall, I would suggest against changing the board in class XI. For the following reasons
- CBSE is not easier than ICSE. At least now
- Competitive exams (the reputed ones) try to keep their content board neutral. Most boards must actually address the full curriculum
- If you switch now, you will loose 4-5 months in class XI in getting accustomed to the new board. Not sure if that is the best use of your time.

Happy to discuss further, if you have any questions.

admin said:

please see my response to Kunal above. I think it might be of some interest to you. But happy to do more specific discussion if you so desire

admin said:

Awesome and detailed comment. Thanks for that. Let me try and address your query as best as I can.

First lets get some non-factors out of the way so that we can think clearly.

- Distance from home: It seems that is a non-issue for both schools as the commute time is reasonable
- Fees: Though there is vast difference between the school fees but it seems that it is still within your budget and so let me put that as a non issue too.
- Teacher student ration: This is not the right parameter to measure or compare. And even 30 is not too bad. What we need to worry about is the class strength (different from teacher student ratio). If the average class strength is beyond 45, then it raises questions on the teachers ability to effectively pay attention to all students. You can read some of articles on class strength and teacher student ratio to get some feel about it.
- Probability of getting admission: Again I will rule this out as an important parameter because we are trying to find which school you prefer. I presume you are anyways going to apply to both. So let us park this too.
- Moving to a different city: Again I will leave this out as you are thinking of moving to Chennai or Banglore. And you will find both ICSE and CBSE schools in good numbers in both these cities.
- CBSE vs ICSE: Even the choice of boards is not that big a deal here. Firstly because your child is too young right now to worry about that. Secondly, you can change board very easily at a later date too, without much pressure on the child. Finally, I dont think this should be too much of a concern for you.

Now with all the excess information out of the way, we can think clearly. It seems that the choice is between a school that is old, established and set in its ways and a school that is new and taking shape now. This is now a personal choice.

The advantage of an old and established school is usually its quality of teachers, strength of old student network. The age brings an experience and a history. Some schools have a history of appearing for IITs, others may be very strong in medical or commerce etc. This history plays a strong influence on how students choose their career. How they get guided in making those choices etc.

For the new school, there is advantage of 'new'. The new technology, the new teachers and new infrastructure. The downside is the experience and trends.  The slight risk that you will need to be aware of is that they are only up to class 8 now. So they do not really have a board affiliation as of now. They will be signing up for it. If you trust the quality of the school management than this is a minimal risk, especially because your child has another 10 years of schooling left before she comes to class IX.

phew.... long response. I hope that was not too confusing. If you ask my personal opinion just based on what you have written here, I would have preferred the second school for all the newness it brings. But that is very personal choice.

Do let me know if you found this useful or have follow up queries.

pranav parab said:

I wanted to know CBSE schools name near byculla to dadar.

mihir madhur said:

i am mihir, i live in kolkata and i am in class 10 in a CBSE affliated school
i have studied throughtout my school life in the CBSE board.
But now i plan too shift to a boarding school in darjeeling and all my short listed schools follow CISCE(ICSE) board there.
So if i were to change my board, could you please advice me on the problems and rigours i would be facing in the CISCE board.
Thanking you,

Mihir said:

I am a student in class 10 in a CBSE school in Kolkata.
I have throughout my school life studied with the CBSE board.
But now I plan to shift to a boarding school in Darjeeling to experience the change in lifestyle there.
My problem lies in the fact that all of my short listed schools are ICSE (CISCE) based.
So if i were to change my board could you please advice me on the problems and rigours i will most likely be facing.
Thanking you,

how to become a fashion designer said:

I was more than happy to discover this page. I wanted to thank you for your time for this particularly wonderful read!! I definitely loved every bit of it and i also have you saved as a favorite to check out new stuff in your website.

Kartik Gandhi said:

Hi I am based in Mumbai and no chance of relocation anywhere in India, only probability is to relocate to UK/US but very less. My daughter is 2.5 years old. I want to put her in nursury and below are 3 choices.
1. I've one school near my residence - 5 mins walk - Good but not so famous. It has only ICSE board.
2. Other school is old and Famous, with CBSE board; but 20 mins Bus travelling.
Both above schoold have timing 8AM to 2:30PM; compared to
3. one school with State Board very old and established - 20 mins Bus travelling. but timing is great 7AM to 12PM.

I feel timing is very IMP factor and kid should get enough time to do other activities too, but clarify if i m wrong.

I dont want to think about changing the school in Future - I want my child enter in Jr. KG and exit after 10th. Please guide which school I should prefer?

Simi said:

Hii after reading comments in this bold .. i m very clear on taking addmission for my 3 yr old daughter.

My daughter has got addmission in very reputed school affilated to CBSC board.

However i was confused on CBSC & ICSC board . whether to take addmission or shall try for ICSC school .

Now i m clear & going to take addmission in school with CBSC board

thank you.

Aneel said:


Thanks for the informative blog! My son is currently in II standard CBSE in Hyd. I'm planning to move to Mumbai this academic year, but found there aren't many CBSE schools here. Could you pls suggest a good CBSE school in the Powai area? Or is it a good idea to shift him from CBSE to ICSE, just because there are many good ICSE schools?



k.amar said:

Hello ,

Thank u , for giving good advices to people who r confused and have no knowledge
regarding selection of board .

My daughter is studing 2nd class ( icse ) in st anns high school , i feel that my daughter is struguling in english , hindi and maths o.k . class have 45 children.
A new school is coming up with only 22 children for a class ( CBSE ).CAN U SUGGEST ME , i dont want more load to my daughter i want here to study cool.

ranjeeta said:

I need an urgent advice. My son is in class 8 in a cbse school. we have been transferred to mumbai. My dilemma is that there are'nt many good schools offering cbse board near our home. The good schools have icse board. Now the choice is between a school which is definitely better(ICSE) or an inferior school with CBSE board. My son is good in maths, science etc. and plans to sit for AIEEE and other engineering entrance exams. My wrong decision can make or ruin him. Please help.

Johnson said:


I am  the parent of a 9th grade CBSE student in Mumbai.Looking ahead, I do not see good admission prospects for CBSE students after grade 10 ( my child's school has classes only upto grade 10).

Good junior colleges in Mumbai have a priority system for Maharashtra board students. (My understanding).

My child is very good in Science and Maths.

Is it a good idea to join ICSE after CBSE 10th grade? ( nearby ICSE schools are available).

Please help.



Manish Laddha said:


My son has just finished his class X exams with a ICSE school from Navi Mumbai. He is inclined to opt for Physics-Chemistry-Biology-Maths-English in Class XI & XII so that he can compete for all India Pre Medical Entrance Test (Now known as NEET in 2014). He has already started attending the coaching tutorials with one of the leading preparation centre.

Since his class X result is out, he is asking to change the Board to CBSE as he thinks (or his friends advising him) that CBSE Board curriculum is in line with NEET and is much easier as compare to ICSE Board. Also as per him ICSE syllabus is too vast as compare to what one needs to study to beat NEET. Is it true that CBSE syllabus is much easier & in line with NEET as compare to ICSE for the Class XI & XII? Kindly clarify on priority as he needs to take a decision soon.

Ravishankar said:


My son has just completed his 10th board ( ICSE ) . Post his plus two the option is to go in for architecture for which I understand that the board does not count and admissions are purely based on an entrance exam. He is looking at the option of state board for plus two but I personally am not very comfortable with this move as I feel the State board is extremely limiting and if he wanted to choose another line instead of arch it may be extremely difficult. Please advise.

visa said:


i appreciate your initiative. your site benefits many parents.

my question is, there is only one school ready to offer admission to us and it is an icse board. if at all in future we feel the need to shift to cbse, at what age or class it is advisable to kid, so that it lays less stress on the kid.


padma said:

hi,my daughter going to class 6th icse syllabus from class 5 in cbse friends told me, icse is very difficulty to new icse student.
i am very daughter scored highest mark in last it correct for cbse into icse?

suganthi said:


my kid is having 2+.  i am confused with CBSE and ICSE.  which one is best for my child.

pls any can suggest which one is quickly to learn fluency in english and other languages.  pls reply

sharmila said:

my son is studying 5th std in icse syllabus. he studied well.
From 6th std onwards which board i have choosen whether icse or cbse. totally i m confused. which board has more scope. pl explain in detail

ayush said:

is there a lot of difference between cbse and icse syllabus of class 11th and 12th.going from cbse to icse in class 11th will prove good for me?

Benazeer said:


My son is 2 months and I am stressed about whether to select CBSE or ICSE. CBSE is not a very known course and since my schooling days we have always heard about SSC or ICSE, ICSE being more challenging. If I select CBSE, would it in anyway help in making certain career choices for my son like taking up medical / science or anything in engineering. Does ICSE limit these options substantially? Are the pre requisites for a child to have to get admission in these 2 different boards?


Sunita said:

My son is 3 years old studying in nursery at Tree house in Mumbai. We were initially planning to admit him in ICSE but then realised that we are not going to be staying permanently in mumbai. If we admit him here then there is registration fees that needs to be paid to the school of about Rs.80000/- in Jr.Kg. We may plan to shift to Delhi where I can put him in CBSE school but that might happen only in 2 or 3 years.
First question is: Is it wise to pay this registration fees mentioned above for just 2 or 3 years to get admissions in ICSE
Second question is : Is it easy to get admission in CSBE from nursery to Jr.Kg,or from to if we plan shifting next year.

Sunita said:

My son is 3 years old studying in nursery at Tree house in Mumbai. We were initially planning to admit him in ICSE but then realised that we are not going to be staying permanently in mumbai. If we admit him here then there is registration fees that needs to be paid to the school of about Rs.80000/- in Jr.Kg. We may plan to shift to Delhi where I can put him in CBSE school but that might happen only in 2 or 3 years.
First question is: Is it wise to pay this registration fees mentioned above for just 2 or 3 years to get admissions in ICSE
Second question is : Is it easy to get admission in CSBE from nursery to Jr.Kg,or from to if we plan shifting next year.

sai said:

I am looking out for admission for my 3 year old son for his jr kg next year. I am confused about the CBSE and ICSE board. please reply as to which board is effective and good.

s sridhara rao said:

Dear sir,
it is a wonderful blog. please continue with the same spirit to educate parents.  i would request you to kindly answer my question.
my kids daughter 10 yrs(5th std) and son 8 yrs(3rd std) are studying in KV 1 uppal, hyderabad. i relocated last year from delhi where my kids studied in  Mount St Mary's school, Delhi cantt. since i moved in last year aug 2011, i found it difficult to get admission in schools and some how i could manage in KV 1. being central govt employee i expect my posting after every 4 yrs. now i would like to complete my daughter schooling till 10th in hyderabad. please guide me best schools in hyderabad either icse or cbse. i can afford school fee. recently lot of schools are publishing ranks in IITs, AIEEE etc example sri chaitanya, Narayana etc. i would like to see my kids as IITians. hence is it wise to put them in  these schools . i know these schools never entertain extra circular activities.  i  am stationed at nacharam but however if i find admission in a good school, i donot mind in shifting near by.
with regards,

Monica said:

Thanks for wonderful insight you have shared across regarding the boards Especially cbse and icse. I just wanted two questions to be answered further.    First one: if there is no budget constraint is igcse better than cbse and icse in terms of course content? Second one: which board has rich curriiculum of. Mathematics?  I will be very happy if you give ur i views on the same at the earliest as I have to decide for taking admissions.

rky said:

im in   claas 8 in icse and my parents are saying that they are going to put me in an cbse school from 9 i amonfused whether to choose icse or cbse

Hardik said:

Dear Suganthi ,
I have just passed class 10 from ICSE(CISCE) Board.I would like to inform you that on syllabus point of view,ICSE has a higher content than CBSE.Much more facts are defined very well that CBSE.There is a little more stress on ICSE students than the students of other boards in India.I used to think that what  is the use of studying so much of extra syllabus as compared to CBSE students but in 11th as a Science student,I have realized that I was completely wrong.Many facts which I am studying in 11th,I had already studied in my junior classes which were not given any information on in CBSE.
Secondly,in CBSE,one will find more cramming than understanding while in ICSE,there is more understanding but less cramming.The teachers themselves prepare the students for this.
Thirdly,if you compare the spoken English,grammar,writing skills(like letters,essay,comprehension,literature stuff,etc)of one ICSE student and one CBSE student,you will find that the ICSE student is nearly more than 50% better than the ICSE student which is for sure going to help the child in his/her future.
There are many other major differences in an ICSE and a CBSE student in which ICSE takes the lead.
I discovered all this when I was in class 10 and used to study grammar with few cousins of mine.I was being given some good compliments from my Uncle who is an English lecturer in a MBA College.
I would advice you to opt for ICSE.I hope my information would be helpful to you.

rupa said:

my son studies std-9 in a wellknown cbse school in kolkata.he will not give the board exam. my queries is,since my husband will get transferred in delhi end of this year...can i move my son in class-11 in delhi or will i have to wait till he finishes his 12?? pls let me know...

vincent said:

My daughter has just finished his class X exams with a ICSE school from Navi Mumbai. He is inclined to opt for Physics-Chemistry-Biology-Maths-English in Class XI & XII so that he can compete for all India Pre Medical Entrance Test (Now known as NEET in 2014). He has already started attending the coaching tutorials with one of the leading preparation centre.

Since his class X result is out, he is asking to change the Board to CBSE as he thinks (or his friends advising him) that CBSE Board curriculum is in line with NEET and is much easier as compare to ICSE Board. Also as per him ICSE syllabus is too vast as compare to what one needs to study to beat NEET. Is it true that CBSE syllabus is much easier & in line with NEET as compare to ICSE for the Class XI & XII? Kindly clarify on priority as he needs to take a decision soon.

vipruta said:

first of all thank u for d detailed information on cbse n no more confusions...thanks for tht
i stay in UAE n my son is 2.5 year old n apart from cbse n icse,thers 1 more problem for me as here we find othr curriculams also like for playgroups n nurseries also,british board,american board,n indian boards r thr so is british n american s also ok?n wht r IB n IGCSE curriculams?hope to find my reply here in ths worried for my sons admission...thanks

scbamarani said:

the information found in this site is really fruitful

Gaurav said:

Hi ,

Really thankful to this great blog. Atleast from above conversation i had overall knowledge which board is better. But still some confusion. let me explain my case , because it may be slightly different.

My son is studying in Ahmadabad's one of the Top English medium school running Gujarat Board Course. This school ranked 5Th in India in one of the survey. Currently he is in 5th Std. my wife want's him to switch over from 8th to CBSE or ICSE school as we are planning to send him US for futher studies after 12th. I think that he should complete studies till 12th in same school and Gujarat board as it will have advantage in getting more percentage which can help latter. So i have below questions.

1) Should we change the school from Gujarat Board to CBSE or ICSE from 8th or not ?  if yes which one is more prefered CBSE or ICSE considering after 12th studies in US.

2) if we continue in Gujarat Board would it be difficult to get admission after 12th in US college ?

Please suggest.

Thanks in Advance.


Akshay Apte said:


  we are currently staying in Mumbai and my son(3 years) is studying in nursery in a play school near our residence but for the next academic year we are planning to admit him in a recognized school for JKG .
There are 2 choices one is ICSE and other is CBSE so which board should be better as I am not aware of the syllabus difference for both the boards in JKG/SKG and class 1.
Also can you suggest as after which class the Syllabus comes in to picture.
so that we can switch over as the ICSE school is nearer than the CBSE one and its much more recognized also. please reply
Thank you

Narendra Uttekar said:

Hi Expert,
My daughter is studying in St. Joseph High School class 1st state board. I want to know will be there any much difference after completing 12th in state board while going for Medical or Engineering admission. And what is the current process to get admission for Medical or Engineering college.

Or is it good if i switch her board to CBSE in class 2nd?


Raj said:

I found this site very informative. I have one query.
My kids are studying in 1st class ICSC pattern in a very reputed school, and they are doing good. Some of my freinds suggesting that it is good to keep child in ICSE upto 7th std. and after that we should change to CBSC as all competetive exams are based on cbse board. Pl suggest.

mansi said:

Dear sir
this article was quite informative
i am studying in Bangalore-carmel school affiliated to ICSE board till 7th we had a common board that was ICSE in 8th there is a choice between ICSE and STATE board ,there is no CBSE board in our school . my percentage in 7th was above 90 [90% to 93%].and my goal is a cardiologist . so can i manage medical entrance by taking up ISCE board or should i change my school which is affiliated to CBSE.

kindly advice me as i am confused after reading this article because i was satisfied with my percentage and my parents also suggested me to take up ICSE as i am doing well in 7th which is also ICSE.kindly suggest me


admin said:

@mansi: Thank you for your query. we have never said that you should change from icse to cbse. if you are satisfied then there is absolutely no need to change. Please continue in the same school and board and maintain or improve your academic performance.

@Raj: Thank you for your query. Please refer to my response to manasi. If the students and parents are satisfied, why change?

Harshvardhan Sanghi said:

I study in class 9 ICSE. I just wanted to know wheather CBSE would be better for me in class 10 and also wheather it is possible to change to an CBSE school in 10th grade.
Also it would be nice if you could suggest some good CBSE school in bangalore.

Muthu Ramasamy said:


I have some clear picture on the CBSE/ICSE boards.Now I have an important doubt regarding the age bar to appear before the exams.Some say, at the time of 10th board exams, if the age is not met the eligibility of certain *age*, then the student has to wait for number of lacking years/months to get the hall ticket. When I approach one CBSE school, they say it is 14yrs ,6months. Some say just 14 years is enough. Some say 15 years has to complete.
My kid is 10/10/2009 born. Now she is doing her Nursery since 5months(From Jul'12).  Am planning to join her LKG, next year June(2013). Is she really eligible for LKG at that time?. Please suggest me, since this doubt craking my head like anything, than the Board confusion Frown.


Muthu Ramasamy. Bangalore.

Muthu Ramasamy said:

Also,is age criteria is common for CBSE and ICSE boards?


Dear Admin,
I am living in ODISHA & we have both ICSE & CBSE school runned by private organization, I am planning for the admission of my daughter in nursery & we are the permanent resident of ODISHA & we have no such planning to move to any other place so kindly suggest as I am planning to admit her in only one board in which she can continue up-to XII as both schools provide classes up to XII moreover I am much interested in building her future in Engineering or some civil services so which board shall suit her to meet the up-coming entrance exams.

Also had heard that while admission in some colleges they cut-off the marks of students from CBSE board so how far is it true moreover i am also a student from ICSE board & while in my study period i found ICSE to be quite easy rather than CBSE.

So sir kindly clear my concept in my above quires I would be really thankful to you.    

Prafulla said:

First of all, I would like to thank u for this wonderful information on this site. Even though, I have one querry? please advise...

My son is just now 2 yeas old and will be complete 2.5 years in June 2013. Is it good to take his admission in nursery in June 13. Or should I wait for one more year and take admission in year June 2014 i.e. at his age of 3.5 years.?

What u suggest?

Ravindra Upadhyay said:

Dear Sir / madam ,

I am from Gujarat and had stayed many countries in Africa in last 15 years . now I am setalled in mumbai. I blessed with a Daughter of 13 yrs( 7th ) and a son of 7 yrs ( 3 rd ) . I had taken CBSE for both of my kids , but off late I had realised that the system with which they had been taught abroad is different in India and my kids grades are going down. I know they are doing their best but not able to find a reason for same. I got some advise from relatives to change to ICSE. Honestly I don't know anything about it. Is it advisable to change now ( my daughter is finishing 7th ). And if yes then why?
Thank you in advance.

Ravindra Upadhyay

HARI said:


ROCKY said:


Nilesh parkhe said:

Dear Sir / Madam
This is Nilesh from mumbai,
My son is now 2 Yr 6 of Month his birth date 13th may 2010. my question is that in which year we tack admission in School?

DrNavalsinghJain said:


Sir I am principal of English Medium Sr. Secondary School, affiliated with rajasthan Board. Nowdays Rajasthan Board is following C.B.S.E(NCERT)Syllabus.
School management wants to Change the board. Please suggest which booard CBSE/ICSE will be more benificial? or no need to change any board.

please suggest

jyoti said:

Fantastic website I must say.

Though you have covered all the aspects in your article as well as answers to the queries. I am a little confused about my situation.

My son is in seventh std SSC board Mumbai. We are relocating in the same city and have a reputed ssc school very close to our new residence. Problem is there are 60 students in a class and not many activities. Though the school has good name I am wondering that if I am making a change, why not try putting my son in CBSE or ICSE board. He is a good student and I am a teacher so I do not see a problem wrt adjustment to study pattern. What do you advise?

FYI- Fee is not a problem with us.

Tanya said:

This blog is actually very informative and interesting.
Well i have a son aged 2.8yrs (DOB 26.02.2010) and currently he is going to playschool near my house,Chennai.
I am confused about the age limit for admission in schools.
I have identified few school in my locality..
One is a ICSE school which says 3yrs completed by 31st march ,
another CBSE school which says 3yrs to be completed by Nov 3oth and the state syllabus which says 30th June.

If ICSE school syllabus is higher and tougher than CBSE board then why does it have a lower age limit for admission.

I really like the ICSE school that i have shortlisted for my son,but my concern is will it be over burdening on my son to start ICSE LGK syllabus as he will only be 3.3yrs in June next year.

Because all the CBSE schools are now taking kids of his age group only into Prekg..which means that they have another year to go before entering LKG.

Please give your valuable inputs.

Jose said:

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you from Dubai. My son is studying in a CBSE school here and currently he is in Grade VIII. We intend to send him to a boarding school (St. Xaviers Panchgani) in India that has ICSE syllabus. He is intelligent but due to his carelessness has been getting above average percentages. Will he be able to cope the switch from CBSE to ICSE model; particularly since he will be joining in IX grade.

Moreover, he has not studied Hindi and will not be able to study that subject in India. Is there an exception for students from abroad for Hindi? His second language is French.


Sameer Kapadia said:

Dear Team, like others i agree that your team has taken very good step towards educating parents about various boards in India and their benefits

Though i have understood that ICSE & CBSE board have equal importance in their respective fields however i would like to know how can i decide which board would be suitable for my daughter according to her capability. She is 3 years old and presently going to nursery school. InshaAllah she would be going to Junior KG next year hence help me with famous methods / steps to judge my daughter expertise and skills. based on the result i shall take next step.
looking forward for your favourable response. Thank you in advance.

Nitesh said:

ICSE IS THE BEST.................MY BOARD ROCKS................

Jose said:

My son is studying in VIII grade in CBSE school in Dubai. I want to send him to a boarding school. However, the school has ICSE syllabus. He is good in studies but a bit laid back. Will it be difficult for him to switch from CBSE to ICSE? Is it advisable to change from CBSE to ICSE?

Please advise.

Meeta said:

Currently my daughter (10 yrs) is studying in cbse (dav) school in class 5 . We r planning to shift to saudi arabia  for job purpose in US based company. They are providing american schooling. If we shift our daughter to american schooling will it make any difference or is it better to shift her to a cbse school in saudi arabia.also name some good schools in abqaiq or dahran.

Rajesh said:


I am from Mumbai. My child is 1 1/2 years old. Please advise me the minimum age for admittion in Nursery Class i.e. admittion in School.

Also am bit confused between CBSE & State Board (Maharashtra State Board), which is better for Child's Education.

Thanks i advance!

Best Regards,



Can you suggest a good school near choolaimedu, chennai, for my daughter who will be going to 4th Std.

Paul said:

Great information you have provided.The English syllabus of the CBSE is better manageable than that of ICSE/ISC. While a broad-based syllabus is generally perceived to be good , it increases the load on students, thus leading to stress. A student should be given the option of studying only the basics of the language if his interests lie elsewhere. This choice is given in CBSE, not in ICSE/ISC. English is not compulsory even at the Cambridge International Examinations.

LUCKY said:

My son is in class-III, ICSE board. And I want my son to be in AIR FORCE for his career. but I confused which board will be better for him to achive this goal.
Please, suggest.

Sameer Giri said:

Well... u say that cbse board(std.10) focuses more on maths and science than icse board... but in fact ICSE BOARD IS BETTER IN EVERY SPHERE. LITERALLY SPEAKING, ICSE HAS MANY MORE CHAPTERS IN MATHEMATICS than CBSE(e.g. SALES TAX, BANKING, VAT). Moreover, ICSE board students have to study 36 chapters including    physics,bio and chem. while CBSE board students only study a mere 18 chapters of whole of science.

So now what are your thoughts @admin?
                  *I have given info acccording to syllabus of 2013 of std.10.

monali kale said:

i would like 2 ask about my child that he is 3 yrs old and iam taking admisson in christ academy icse board is my decisson correct
pls reply me as soon as possible

Kiran said:


My son is in JR.KG in English medium (SSC Board) school. This school is old and
renowned. However School has plans to start with ICSE Board from next year continuing the SSC board for the parents who dont want to shift their child in ICSE Board. I am totally confused whether to shift my son to ICSE board which is newly starting or to continue with the old SSC board education. Kindly give your advice on the same.

susmita said:

Dear sir,
I have 3.5yrs daughter, just now she is going to school (ICSE) board. If there is any problem if she continued her studies in this board up to class 10. If she wants to study in science after class 10 then which board I choose for her? Please suggest.

anthonydavis said:

I agree….though the methodology of educating in IGCSE is different from national board, still many parent preferring international schools, because of their class size and flexibility in choosing various subjects available and wide range of extra curricular activities.

A.M.JAIRAJ said:

Sir, Good Morning, My son is Born on 06.06.2006 at the time of admission to LKG (P-1) he was 2+.  Now he is in 2nd standard (6+).  The current school is following ICSE syllabus.  We are shifting our house to a different location wherein no good ICSE schools are available.  Only one CBSE school is there.  So we want to change change him to a CBSE school for the next academic year.  At that time he will exactly 7 year.  The CBSE school authorities are insisting that he should be 7+ for admission to 3rd standard.  They are insisting for admission to 2nd class.  Now we are having the following options:-

01. To continue in the same ICSE school.  The distance is 5 KMs.  So we think    
    that he will get strain in journey.
02. To admit him to 2nd class in CBSE school.
03. To admit him to 3rd class in CBSE school.  For 3rd class they are  
    insisting to for undertaking that at the time of 10th class if Board
    creates any problem in respect of age, the school authorities are not

sir pl guide us on the above 3 points pl

Maulik said:

now i am studying in icse school class 9 but most of the syllabus of competitive exams and competitive coaching classes are of cbse and not of icse so after my 10th boards i am planning to shift to cbse for 11 and 12.Should i?

andrew said:

Nice information and also helpful reply you have given .i am also confuse between these boards.i am in Mumbai and also approach one school Singapore internationl school which is IGCSE .please suggest me how is that school and should i go for IGCSE or CBSE ???

vipul bajaj said:

i am in class 9 and i am worried for the future.i am studying from cbse board but when i read books of icse board of my own class,they amaze a lot.they seem to be much tougher than cbse books.please advice me for my future whether to choose which board for higher studies

Kumar said:


I have a 3 year daughter and we are staying in RAK (UAE). I am confused, whether to put her in CBSE school or British curriculum. I find british curriculum schools are more organised (infrastructure and class size) here compared CBSE (cost effective is CBSE). I am thinking of sending her for KG1 and 2 in british curriculum followed by shifting her to CBSE school from 1st std.
Now my queries are

1. Can I change from British curriculum to CBSE if we relocate back to India (suppose when she is in 2nd or 3rd standard)
2.Can we shift after KG2, from British curriculum to CBSE.
3.As we personally feel too much burden for the kid in CBSE in KG1 and KG2 we have above plan...we are confused whether child will be able to adjust for this ? (we want an opinion per your experience)


Pushpa said:

Thank you for all the information provided in this blog, it is a lot helpful. My query is about IGCSE board. What is IGCSE board? followed in International schools. Please educate.

Antanil Ghosh said:

Dear Sir/Madam,

My son is 3& 1/2 years old and I am very much confused in which board I should put him in. CBSE or ICSE. I do not have any options for relocations. I am middle class as per the economical condition.

Request you to please suggest best board and as well as schools for my son. I stay at Barasat, Kolkata-700127

Ranjit said:

Hello...Thank you very much for running this useful thread. My son is in GR7 studying in school which have all three boards, i.e cbse, icse and igcse. Now school is asking us to decide on board for GR 8 onwards. My son is good in Maths, Science and not that good in Languages. I might( not sure) send him to study abroad after 12th/graduation depending upon his results. Can you please guide me about the board I choose. Thanks

Deepak said:

Hello Every One,

Thanks for all your information, views and thoughts.

Now, i am very much clear where to take my step ahead for my son.

Regards to all


hi, this initiative is really good and helpful, my daugther is in xth of icse school, as she is good in study i want suggestion as she should continue her study in same board for 11th and 12th or opt for state run college or CBSE board we live in navi mumbai.


my parents are transferring me to  an icse school from cbse in class 11 but i am reluctant to go there as till now i have studied cbse ?please tell which school i should prefer icse or cbse???????? and will transferring to icse will bring a heavy load on me?

Deep said:

Hello everyone, I'm currently studying 10th Std in a reputed ICSE school. I'm confused whether to take ICSE or CBSE in 11th and 12th. Can anybody help ? Also, is it true that +1 +2 in CBSE has two languages?  
Anyhelp will be appreciated! Thanks!

bhaskar said:

my son is studing in 7th std  Icse syllabus , wanted to know that is it compalusory to go for optional subject in 9 th std. very confused , in the school where he is studying tell us to make the option on the basis of percentage I.e if he scores more than 50 % he can choose maths and science or he score less then 50% he has complusarily go for history ,arts etc IS there any rules in ICSE board plz le us know

AmrutSchool said:

Nice blog and attractive information. I like your blog and your work.

Hasim Ali said:


My daughter class XI student (CBSE), due to illness she could not complete Annual exam, now I have decided shift the board from CBSE to ICSE. Pls suggest wheather it wouold be taugh or not.

Hasim Ali

udai Yadav said:

Hello, sir,

My daughter is studying in 3rd STD CBSE board, now i am planning to move to bangalore, could you pls. let me know is there any option in cbse board to quite local langaue?

kline1962 said:

Thank you for the information today is a great day for reading

Murugesan S said:

My sons are studying in an ICSE syllabus schools in chennai where they do not have Higher seccondary course after 10th,now my 1 st son is entering in to 9th,i would like to put him again in ICSE syllabus schools in chennai nearest by Guindy.I would request herewith wheher ICSE in plus1 & plus 2 will help my children to get any professional courses as presribed in india. Ortherwise should i change over from ICSE to CBSE for 11th Std.
Expecting for your valuable advise ASAP.

Keerthi said:

One of my Colleague's daughter completed here 10 standard from ICSE Syllabus. She worried and not willing to continue in ICSE and want to join in Intermediate.

Pls suggest me options we have after X, also suggest me Foreign universities in india for a Bachelors degree.

Thanks a lot.

krishnaveni said:

ICSE is definitely in par with CBSE or even a step ahead. But owing to its initial toughness it seems to have been simplified a bit. If you have an ICSE background you are real good at civics, geography, Indian history and all the sciences. Since it is central syllabus you won't have the advantage of knowing much about your state history. And also compared to state maths, both CBSE and ICSE are much simpler. AP state maths is real heavy. If you plan to join civil services or any good govt. service, ICSE is sure to take a long way, provided you preserve all your books till you settle down and keep leafing through them now and then.And pls don't worry about preferences, stick to the knowledge source that's going to last till the last--------krishnaveni

krishnaveni said:

ICSE is definitely in par with CBSE or even a step ahead. But owing to its initial toughness it seems to have been simplified a bit. If you have an ICSE background you are real good at civics, geography, Indian history and all the sciences, all with practical exposure, including labs, projects etc. Since it is central syllabus you won't have the advantage of knowing much about your state history. And also compared to state maths, both CBSE and ICSE are much simpler. AP state maths is real heavy. If you plan to join civil services or any good govt. service, ICSE is sure to take you a long way, provided you preserve all your books till you settle down and keep leafing through them now and then.And pls don't worry about preferences, stick to the knowledge source that's going to last till the last--------krishnaveni

Saravana said:


Now that CBSE-i also started... it is more confusing? one the one hand i feel this is going to be good compared to CBSE and on the other hand, i was told not to worry on marks which it seems can only achived in matric/state board.

Any advice, though i haven't decided whether i would put my kid outside india for college... my kid is just 7yrs old... too early to decide on that.

Many Thanks.

Tara said:


My son has now completed 8th in ICSE board. We are planning to move him to CBSE, since he plans to appear for AIEEE and wants to take Aeronautical Engg.
Please advise. Also my son is now 13 1/2 years (Jan 2000 born), will he be able to take tenth standard exams @ 15 1/2 years in CBSE board ?
Thanks for your help


Reena said:

I have a son who is in grade 6 Cbse School in the Middle East.  Up to grade 4 I was home schooling now he is in the normal class. And now he is independent and he goes to school himself in school bus.  He is gifted child. earlier he was with oppositional defiance disorder today he is socializing with other children and the teacher have not facing any problems he is not under any medication Since this school is having only 1-6 grades, for 7th I have to take him to a different school. Since 1-4 grades he was home schooled and I am working mother and   I could not get chance to take him to school and was left alone at home with computers. His Hindi is poor but manageable he has taken third language French. Do we have any schools in India or in the Middle East? My question is can any school reject admission for my child if they say no where I could get a help to make him continue his study. Present school I am paying two times more fee than a normal fee for same education and help which other normal children get.

sanjay gupta said:

Can any one clear my question.

My son passed out X class from ICSE board Holy Angle School Sahibabad with 91% marks in 2012. This school was up to X class only so we got his admission in XI class (PSM)at BVM school in surajmal vihar. Now in XI class he got only 60% marks while he was getting tution for PCM through out the year. Now there is big question in my mind, WHY this drastic reduction in performance.

Is it due to
- Change from ICSE Board to CBSE Board
- In XI class, as a policy school restrict marks and In XII class it will match the Xth class performance.
- Student's attitude / personal problem

Please give your valuable comment.


lekshmi said:

I have completed my 10 in a cbse board.Now I am planning to shift to icse.will it it be right for me?I am an average student.I wish to take science as my main subjects and also I want to appear for entrance exam also.So which board will help me persue all the above

please someone advise

sudipta shaw said:

i am in class 10 right now.
from nursery i am reading in a school which follows cbse board.
i am confused ...... wheather to go for icse or cbse board in class 11.
i want to take arts in class 11.

Sajith said:


It would be good if you bring up evaluation patterns as a point of comparison - CBSE usually is divided into regions, and each region has it's own specific evaluation pattern. I have had the experience of seeing unexpected results especially in Allahabad region.  Papers being checked at UP, Bihar etc - You must trust me when I say unexpected!

CISCE is a more balanced board with limited elements of surprise. The results are on time and often as expected. Just my 2 cents.



jawahar mohammed said:

My daughter is studing 4th Std in St Theresas School, Hyderbad with ICSE syllabus.  I wanted to know what will be future for my daughter after X Std ?.

Should i keep  my chid till she completes Xth or shall i move her to State Syllabus after 7th Class.  

P J Thakuria said:

Hello Team SchoolCountry,

I am a father of a 4 yrs. child and he is in a pre-school. This being his last year in this pre-school, I need to think about his higher education either through CBSE or through ICSE. I hail from Kolkata (W.B.). Being at this juncture, I need to clarify myself on behalf of my child which pattern should be more effective for him and his future!!!

Please come up with a solution for this query.

Look forward.

With thanks & regards,

P J Thakuria

ELS said:

ELS help you to find the best study abroad program in usa

jaswant chauhan said:

I had passed my Ssc  exam (maharashtra) with  77.27% .
But i had  scored well in math and science. But now i m planning to appear for iit jee. So can i change my board..
I think  to join cbse college. Can i do so pls advice me.

Barkha said:

Very useful info recd thru ur site, thanks for the same.

Hi, my son is 2.5 yrs old (DOB:02.02.11), currently in Nursery.
We stay @ Dadar,Mumbai.
Firstly I want to check whether schools will allow my son to join Junior Kg in June 2014 (as he will be 3.4yrs). What is the age limit for CBSE/ICSE schools.
Secondly whether I should put him in SSC/CBSE/ICSE - main purpose is to cope up will high level of competitions in future.
Also if you could suggest with schools near our area.Budget average.

Thank you in advance.

mcneil1961 said:

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warner1961 said:

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s k jaiswal said:

I am a banker, My son is studing in class IX in CBSE board. I am going on transfer/posting to another city in the IIIrd week of August'2013. As there is a system of also adding the marks obtained in test/exam conducted during both the year, while preparing the final marksheet i.e. at the completion of 10th final exam. So I want to know in which board i.e. ICSE or CBSC my son may get better agreegate percentage, since he has to loose marks for the period he takes new admission.


With Regard

Rimli said:

Thanks for this very informative and guiding blog.
I am a bit confused to which board I should put my daughter due to below reasons.

1>I have seen in blogs regarding ICSE vs. CBSE that English is better in ICSE than CBSE. CBSE is more medical and engineering focused. But if anyone wants to score high in CAT or GRE being strong in English definitely is must.Also in young age we never know to which field arts/science she will be inclined.In that case which board I should choose so that she is in a position to choose.

2>CBSE students are in class 1 @ 5 yr but in ICSE @6 yr.So should I put my daughter in CBSE as it saves a year.

3>I have heard that in ICSE the course is in depth unlike CBSE course.So does not the depth of study clears concept about the subject

4>Will it be a good strategy to study in ICSE till class X and then move to CBSE so that at class XII the student can compete in competitive exams.

Joseph said:

Dear Admin and Supportive members,

Thank you very much for your charity.

Am a father of kevin - 3 years old, who lives in middle east.

As a parent we planned to guide our kid as a aeronautical high professional. Our target is Aeronautical engineering at IIT.

We planned to start the education in middle east and any time can return to our homeland Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu, India.

Can you please guide us the path to reach a present goal. Also we request in your advice a flexibility, in future if my kid wants to change any other professional it should be compatibility.

For further clarification, please dont hesitate to contact me at provided mail id.

Thank you

sushma said:

My son is 4 yr old and he is going for 1 of the best cbse school in bangalore.My only concern is that did i took a right decision by selecting cbse school should I need to change it in future,I dont want him to lag behind since other kids in my family are in icse.Pls help me out.It was by husband decision him to be in cbse.Thank you.

C. N. Dutta said:

I want ot admit my son in class IX in a good cbse school in Kolkata. I am presently posted in Jamshedpur [working in BSNL] and going to be posted in Kolkata in March 2014. My son [dob 22.10.2000] is studying in class VIII in a ICSE school here. Please guide me through my e-mail address.

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