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International Baccalaureate (IB) schools in India: Should you go for it?

IB or International Baccalaureate is catching up fast in India. It already has 80+ schools affiliated to it and the number is growing fast. However, the question arises, should you admit your child in it? What are the risks and potential issues with an IB board? Can things go wrong in the future? What are the benefits of this over other boards? Well, here SchoolCountry gives you a clear, decisive answer to help you make up your mind.

Curriculum and the teaching methodology are refreshing – Go for it:

Completely new and very practical curriculum that is based on application and experimentation. The teaching methodology is also about learning by doing, by collaborating and cooperating rather than competing. It is a refreshing entry in the cut-throat Indian education system and will have positive influence on our kids. It will help in their holistic development beyond a pure theoretical genius like other boards

Infrastructure is top notch – Go for it:

New schools with shiny new infrastructure. These schools are investing in play grounds, labs, libraries, smart classrooms and more. Usually the IB schools are top notch in terms of resources and infrastructures and learning aids. 

Teachers are usually top notch – Go for it:

IB makes it mandatory for schools to impart extensive trainings to the teachers. Further, these teachers are the highest paid lot in the industry. I myself have seen some of my best school teachers migrate to IB schools in the later years. 

Fee is high – Consider your pocket:

Usually IB schools are expensive. Typical fee is about INR 300,000 per year.  Though there are some less expensive IB schools but that is not the norm. 

Acceptance is high – Go for it:

IB and its grades are accepted by universities in India and abroad. It is especially great if your child will go on to study abroad after completing school. He would have got several opportunities to assimilate with students from other cultures and countries as cultural assimilation is an important consideration for IB. 

Moving to other boards can be tricky – Consider it well:

All said, IB is still far from being most popular board in India. It is not locally very prevalent. If you are in a transferable job within India, make sure you consider your chances. You may or may not find other IB schools in your new location. Further, teaching approach can be very different in other boards / schools and thus increase the adjustment period for the child. So this is something that you should consider.  


Hope this was useful. If you have any further doubts or concerns, please make sure to write to our education experts who will be able to resolve your queries to your satisfaction. 


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