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2012 Rajasthan State Board Exams: Now apply online

Board of secondary education, Rajasthan (RBSE), has started accepting online application forms for state board exams for std-10 and std-12 for the academic year 2012. The facility for online applications process has started on 22nd August 2011 and might prove to be the first step towards a hassle free exam application process.  SchoolCountry brings to you a step by step process to fill your application form for 2012 Rajasthan Board exams. 


How will it work:

All schools affiliated to the Rajasthan Board have been provided Login Ids and Password for online application. This information can also be collected by the school from the respective nodal office.  

Since this is the first time the online application process has been used for Rajasthan Board students, the board is extra cautious.  The form can be completed in your school, if it has internet facility or at the nearest e-mitra or computer centre. These are the 5 steps to apply online for the 2012 Rajasthan state board exams. 


Step1: Collect your user ID and password from the school –

school has been provided this information by the board. You can complete the form from your school or go to the nearest e-mitra centre or any internet kiosk near your home


Step2: Complete your online application form for 2012 Rajasthan board exam and take the print out 

Below is the detailed process that you will need to follow

  • Access your profile – Go to the Rajasthan board website and login using the Id and password provided to you. You will be asked to change your password when you login for the first time
  • Complete your School’s profile – Here you will have to provide information like School’s name, address, principal’s name, mobile number, registration number, last year’s board centre etc. Please make sure to take this complete information from your school before you start filling the application form
  • Complete the application form for 2012 Rajasthan board exams – these can be completed based on the form that you have filled previously
  • Review and correct errors – After completing the application form, take a print out of the same. Make sure to thoroughly examine these for any possible errors and make appropriate corrections in your form
  • Freeze for editing and print the bank receipt – Once you have reviewed your 2012 Rajasthan Board application form and made sure that there are no errors, click on “Data Lock”. You will not be able to make any edits and changes after pressing “Data Lock”.  Now select either PNB (Punjab National Bank) or ICICI Bank and print the chalan and advance list


Step3: Deposit exam fee 

Deposit the exam fee in your selected bank before the “validity date” printed on the form. You can do this in any of the branches of ICICI bank or PNB. The bank will give you a transaction number on the chalan


Step4: Print your admissions card online 

After you have deposited the fees, login to the Rajasthan Education Board website with your Login and Password. Now enter the transaction number provided by the bank. Now print the admissions card. Make sure to sign it yourself and then get school’s stamp affixed on it


Step5: Submit copies of necessary documents to Nodal office –

Make a copy of Advanced List that has been stamped by the bank. Submit the original of advanced list, a copy of your admissions card and other necessary documents to the nodal office. And done!


Please note that those schools that have not received permanent school code yet and whose name is not there yet on the Rajasthan board website will not be able to fill the forms online. Please make sure to check this with your school. 

You can get more details about the online application form for 2012 exams on the website of Rajasthan education board (


Though this looks complex right now, this is the first step and over the years, the applications process for Rajasthan Education Board will undergo significant improvement. Good luck for your exams and feel free to write to us if you have any queries. 


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