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Why do kids dislike maths and science?

We all realize, and rightly so, the importance of Maths and Science education in the formative years. The role the early education plays in building a strong foundation for later years cannot be over emphasized. How many times have we seen parents are a worried lot because their young ones had a lesser inclination for these subjects. How may times have we seen parents going overboard to try to inculcate maths and science "culture" in their kids through schools, tuitions, extra classes, ...!

But have you wondered that why is it that kids show distinct dislike for these 2 subjects in particular? What is it that pushes them away from these 2 subjects to the point of a phobia. I have observed this over the years and often pondered on this myself. I think there are 2 possible reasons for this

1. Communicate value: We fail to communicate the value of education or exercise or course work to them. If I can use a McKinsey jargon, we fail to give them the "big picture" of where all this will fit in. Imagine being told to do something without knowing where or how it will be put to use. I guess kids must be feeling the same.
2. It is fun: We make the education a chore, a tedious task. Somewhere, we loose out on the fun that is hidden in learning and knowing. It is fun to add and multiply or discover that moon revolves around the earth and that sun is so hot. It is because we make learning a structured process a military regime and remove the fun of self discovery

It is for this reason, that I want to write here. I want to start sharing aspects that I have learnt over the years during my education in India and from my travel around the world. I want to share things that could help make learning Maths and Science fun for our young ones. Your inputs and comments will only make this blog richer and more insightful and are eagerly awaite d. Enjoy


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