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3 types of schools based on duration of school

In your hunt for the right school for your kid, one the early questions that you will face is the decision on type of school based on duration of the school and then decide which one to go for. From duration of the school, we mean the number of hours that a child is supposed to spend at the school before he / she comes home. As per this classification, there are primarily 3 types of schools


1. Day School

This is by far the most common types of schools in India or anywhere else in the world. The child spends about 4-6 hours in the school daily, say from 8 am to 1 pm before the school finishes and the child comes back home. A typical day school will hold 6-8 periods or classes during a day. They have various levels of sports and extra curricular facilities which can be availed during and after school hours by the students. These schools typically do not have their own cooking or residential facilities since students bring their own food and are not expected to stay there beyond the morning hours. 



2. Boarding School

This is the second category of schools as per our classification. As the name suggests, they offer boarding facilities to the students. Students are expected to reside in the school for a period of 2-4 months before they go back to their homes to meet their families. Since kids stay on the campus, they offer elaborate arrangement for students. They have dorms with student beds/rooms, large mess and kitchen facilities and extra curricular and sports facilities on campus. 


There are several well known boarding schools in India and parents choose them for a variety of reasons ranging from making the kids more independent to avoiding frequent change of schools due to transferable jobs of parents to quality of schooling being unmatched. 


3. Day boarding Schools

This is an intermediate variety. They are day schools that offer boarding facilities to students only for the day! Its an interesting concept which is there in select schools in India but is picking up due to demand from parents. The school hours are from 8 am to 6 pm and kids after which kids go back to their homes. We will discuss more about this type of schools in our upcoming article (what you should keep in mind when selecting day boarding schools


Hope you found this post useful. Please do share your thoughts on the above topic and what would you consider before selecting a school for your child! 



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