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NTSE 2014 Guide - Forms, Course, Contacts and More

NTSE-2014 will be for class-10 students. Read on to find out more about NTSE 2014

NTSE or national talent search examination is by far the oldest, most reputed and well recognized of 20+ talent search competition for school students in India. Natuarally, with dates approaching for NTSE this year, students have several questions about the exam e.g. What is it? How do you prepare for it? Where can I download ntse sample papers? What is the course? How to apply for it? etc. SchoolCountry answers all your queries here with the help of an NTSE Scholar himself. So here goes ...


What is NTSE:

National talent search examination or NTSE is an annual examination conducted on a national level by NCERT. It was started in the year 1963 and has grown in prestige and scope ever since. The objective of the exam is to identify students who have the potential to excel in Science, Social Science, Engineering, Medicine, Management and Law. The successful students, called NTSE Scholars, receive financial support / scholarships from NCERT till the time they continue to study.  


How is NTSE exam conducted:

NTSE or National talent search examination is conducted on a national level in 2 stages. 

  • National Talent Search Examination’s Stage-1 is conducted by states and union territories. This is a written exam where students are supposed to answer questions related to mental ability, general science and maths. Each state / union territory selects a pre-specified number of candidates to represent it in the second round i.e. State-2.
  • Stage-1’s written exam consists of MAT (mental aptitude test) and SAT (scholastic aptitude test). Both the tests have 100 multiple choice questions to be answered in 90 minutes. You can get NTSE model papers for class 10 here and here
  • NTSE’s stage-2 is conducted at a national level by NCERT. Only students who clear stage-1 of NTSE are eligible to sit in this stage. Though first stage has quotas or pre-specified number of seats for each level, there are no state quotas for the final round. However, pre-specified reservation for SC/ST and physically challenged candidates exists. You can find NTSE stage 2 sample questions here
  • Like stage-1, NTSE’s stage-2 also has MAT and SAT. Further, those candidates who qualify the written exam at the national level will be called for interview. 



What are the important dates for NTSE 2014:

 There are 4 important dates regarding NTSE that you must be aware of. For academic year 2013, the dates for NTSE are as follows

  • Start date for sale of NTSE forms is 1st August 2013
  • Last date for submission of completed NTSE application form is 31st August 2013. However it may vary from state to state
  • Stage-1 NTSE exam will be conducted on 4th Sunday of November 2013. However for Mizoram, Meghalya, Nagaland and Andaman & Nicobar Islands the stage-1 exams will be conducted on 3rd Sunday of November 2013.
  • Stage-2 NTSE exam will be conducted in May 2014. The dates may vary from state to state. Further, the candidates who qualify the 2nd round written exams will be intimidated by post about the dates for interviews. 



Who is eligible to appear for NTSE 2014:

All Indian students studying in class-10 of recognized schools are eligible to appear for the first stage of NTSE. There is no domicile restriction.  Even Indian students living abroad can appear for NTSE. They can directly apply for stage-2 exams if they fulfil conditions prescribed in NTSE brochure


What is the course for NTSE 2014:

NTSE exam follows NCERT prescribed syllabus and the exam is conducted in both English and in Hindi


How to prepare for NTSE 2014:

National Talent Search exam has become very prestigious. Therefore, schools and parents encourage the students to prepare well for this exam. Students often sit for support classes conducted in schools or special coaching exams. However, we think just a simple systematic approach to ace NTSE can help students ace the exam. You can learn all the details about how to prepare for NTSE and  sample questions in our articles. Click here for NTSE stage 1 sample papers and questions and here to download 450+ ntse sample papers for class 10. For NTSE stage 2 sample papers and questions, click here


What is the NTSE scholarship value:

1000 NTSE scholars are selected every year based on the exam. Each NTSE scholar receives INR 500 per month from NTSE for the period he/she chooses to continue studying. Usually it is defined as the period till one finishes PhD or earlier. This could be any of fields specified above including Science, Medicine, Social Science, Maths, Management and Law. 

PS: The scholarship amounts have been revised 2013 on wards. The discussion is on to raise it to Rs 1000 per month and then to Rs 2500 at the college level. However, formal announcement is not out yet.


Who are state liaison officers for NTSE:

You can get a lot of answers on this website. But for some state specific doubts like forms not available or exam fee for your state or extension of last date for form submission etc, you need to reach out to your NTSE state liaison officer. Government identifies and appoints offers at state level that lead the ntse stage-1 program at state level. You can reach out to them for last resort

Is there any reservation in NTSE:

NTSE reserves 15% of its scholarships for students belonging to SC category. Another 7.5% is reserved for ST category students and 3% is reserved for students who are physically challenged. There is a state quota defined for first round. However, for the final round, there is no state quota. 


How can I apply for NTSE 2014:

Usually information for release of forms is sent to schools and schools often help students procure the form. However, you can also get the NTSE forms from State / UT liaison officer or they can be downloaded from the NCERT website. The completed forms, with the signature of principal should be submitted to liaison officer before the last date. Again, schools may be able to help you here. You can download the  NTSE Application form pdf here.


Just like NTSE, there are several other talent search exams conducted at school level every year. Further, there are other scholarships and awards for school students too that are instituted by government bodies, corporates and other organization. Some of them have gained in prestige over the years. You need to keep aware of these exams and their last dates.


Further, we release useful tips, sample papers and ideas as the date for NTSE approaches closer. With just a few days remaining for the NTSE exam, we bring to you the last minute guide to NTSE. You will hear from our NTSE scholars on exactly how to approach the paper, how to write answers and how to make best use of your last few days before NTSE. These are some very critical last minute tips that they had found useful. You can follow us on face book (click the like button above) so that you do not miss out on the crucial last minute tips for cracking your NTSE.  We will post the updates there as they happen. 

Comments (247) -

Anirudh said:

no of marks required for a scheduled tribe boy/girl should get to qualify in ntse state level exam

admin said:

Hello Anirudh,

In NTSE, there is no pre-declared cut off. The cut off marks in NTSE are decided based on the performance of the students.

However, as with any national level exam, 25.5% of the total scholarships are reserved. Of this, 15% are for students belonging to scheduled cast, 7.5% to students belonging to scheduled tribe and 3% NTSE scholarships are reserved for physically challenged students.

Abhinav said:

Please send me previous 5 year papers for NTSE

Alok Gupta said:

how to claim ntse scholarship bill

admin said:

Hi Alok,

Apologies for the delay in responding. Your school could help you in getting your NTSE scholarship amount. If that seems difficult, you could approach NTSE liaison officer for your state / union territory. A list along with phone numbers can be found at the link given below.

Rajendra Kulkarni said:

NTSE is very usuful exam. It is just like Mini" IIT". There so many poor students . It is not afford to poor student to join class. Fees are very costly. Why govt. good teacher not appoint for gauidence to clever students. Nowadays it seen that the right to learn only rich students. It is very need to poor student. Please your remark.

admin said:

Hi Rajendra

Thanks for raising the very pertinent point. I think you are right about the importance of the NTSE exam. It is a very prestigious exam and its scholarship will help you get access to good colleges in the future.

However, I do not think coaching is mandatory. The exam is very carefully designed so that no extra coaching is required for the same. As long as you know your class 6-8 syllabus, have a good general awareness and can practice the mental ability questions, you do not need any additional coaching. The coaching helps but is not a must. We have NTSE scholars in our team who have not taken any sort of coaching but still did well. If there is any help that we could offer, we would be glad to help.

With just a few days left for the NTSE exam, you might find it useful to go through our checklist.


Pavan Kumar said:

Can i take up the exam in Dubai. Please clarify.

abhinav mittal said:

Where can i get sample papers for NTSE?

admin said:


NTSE eligibility for students outside India

Students of Indian origin, studying outside India in class 8 too can appear for the NTSE Scholarship. Here are some details that you must know

- You need to be a student of Indian origin and studying in class 8 outside of India
- You need to have secured a minimum of 60% marks (or equivalent thereof) in your previous qualifying examination
- If you are studying aborad, you are exempt from appearing in the first round (qualifying round) of the NTSE that is conducted by the states and you directly need to appear for the second round (the final round) conducted at the national level.
- To apply for NTSE scholarship, you need to send an application through the head of your school/institute to the Department of Educational Measurement and Evaluation, NCERT, New Delhi - 110016. You will also need to encluse an attested copy (attested by the head of your institution) of your marksheet for the previous year
- The NCERT will then allot roll number to you and in subsiquent communication, also send you the date, time and venue of the exam. You will need to bear the cost of commuting yourself.
- The NCERT typically will not entertain requests for change of dates and venue for NTSE.

Do let me know if you have other questions!


admin said:


We can email you 1 sample paper for NTSE for FREE to your email address. Do let us know and we will email the same to you.

You can also purchase "NCERT winners guide" from us for Rs 499/-. It has
- a set of 10 well designed sample papers,
- detailed answers with step by step solution approach
- Very helpful collection NCERT techniques by previous NTSE scholars

devashish tupkary said:

   i have given the 2012 ntse first level exam from maharashtra.
i need he answer keys so that i can check my answers.
Kindly tell me how i can obtain the answers.

Tarun said:

what is cut off marks for NTSE 2012 stage 1 appx.

shrihari said:

plz send me a send me a sample paper of level 2 to my e mail and also tell me where to get ncert winners guide in chennai

anubhav dwivedi said:

plzz tell me that when ntse stage 1 up 2012 results declared !!!!!!!
and plzz send me ntse up stage 1 question paper 2012!!!!!
on my e-mail   plzzz plzzz plzzz
i will be very thankful to you

chaitanya said:

what is the cut off mark for ntse 2012 stage1

whats the cut f for rajasthan 2012 said:

ntse rajasthan 2012 cut off

Arundhati said:

Sir what is expected cutoff for  Haryana state NTSE Phase1 this year?

adarsh said:

sir/mam i really thank u for your nice post especially one about coaching classes as i think what u think is absoulutely right can u please tell me the approx cut off UP stage in exam help on 20 november 2011. AND IF POSSIBLE DO TELL WHEN THE RESULTS ARE DECLARED? and is there way to get the answer key or exam papers as i found answer keys of many states but not UP

sona said:

What's the cut-off marks for ntse stage-1 exam 2011-2012?
Please inform as soon as possible.

tathagat said:

how many student participated in nstse exam class 5 all over india?

Utkarsh Gupta said:

when will NTSE 2012 results will be declared

Ishita Malhotra said:

pls tl me when will the result be declared of ntse stage 1 haryana paper held on 20 nov 2011

Abhishek Singh said:

Respected Sir i want to know the cut off marks for ntse 2011-12 stage 1 exam of maharashtra. Please send me the answer keys i want to check my answers.

Abhishek Singh said:

I want 2 know that what is the cut off marks for ntse 2011-12 stage 1 for maharashtra. i also want the answer keys for the question paper of maharashtra.

Rishabh Naulakha said:

Well, when will be ntse 2012 results of rajasthan will be declared

Abhay Pratap Singh said:

Sir, I have given U.P. NTSE 2012 1st stage exam. Sir, plzzz inform me when the results declared.....

yash khivasara said:


my name is yash khivasara and i have applied for National Talent Search Examination 2011-12 vide my seat number 158, date of exam 20 november 2011 at Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Sir, i would be happy to know when the result will be declared and where can i find the result in the website.

please let me know.

thanks in advance.

priyanshi said:

cut off marks of rajasthan & when will be ntse 2012 results of rajasthan will be declared

Vipra Goyal said:

What to do if I have lost the 2012 1st stage admit card of ntse...Please help!

Ansh anand singh said:

plz tell cuttoff marks of NTSE UP 2012

sneha satakshi said:

pls mail me the ntse question paper and solution of 1st round 2012 in odisha

aswin said:

can i know when ntse 2012 stage 1 results will be announced for tamilnadu and wat is the cut-off for general catogory.

Nikhar said:

Hey Guys , plz help me i have lost my NTSE  Roll no. of  2011-2012..
Plz HElp me IF any one know where could i get my ntse roll no. plzz

birinder jit said:

Sir/Mam I have given the ntse 2012 state level exam from CHANDIGARH and wanted to know my result whenever it comes my name is BIRINDER JIT SINGH but I have one problem as I have done one mistake in filling the OMR sheet. Please tell whether my result will come or not and if comes kindly reply to me.

rohitash said:

sir what is expected cutoff of ntse stage 1 2012 rajasthan

ujjwal srivastav said:

i have lost my roll no of ntse 2012.the name written on form is "Ujjwal srivastav". i am from state "UTTAR PRADESH" District "ALLAHABAD". exams are over.Sir please help me.

aks said:

when will maharashtra results be declared?plz tell me

Rithik Gangwal said:

Please can you you tell me the cut off of ntse exam 2012 in Rajasthan

sanskruti said:

plz give the keys of paper to my email (

aarush said:

sir,i am presently studying in class 7 and my final exams have just got i will be in class 8 this year.i want you to prescribe me some books fot the preparations of ntse.          

Amit Kumar said:

I want to know the results for ntse first stage 2011.....

LEON said:

Sir, I have given Maharashtra NTSE 2012 1st stage exam in Nov'2011. Sir, please inform me when the results declared.... if it has been already declared please send me the link of the site to see the result

xyz said:

very bad

Hemant said:

plz tell me when the result of first stage mp 2012 will be declared........plz....plz...plz...plz...plz...plz... IT IS ABT MY LIFE...... tell me when will the result of ntse 2012 stage 1 mp will be declared

KARUNA patil said:

plz tell me when the result of ntse first stage will be declared of mp india

Manya said:

when will be ntse 2012 first stage result of delhi will b declared....?

Tany kumar said:

What r d cut off marks for NTSE level 1 (maharashtra)?(Gen Category)?

Varad said:

Will you pls inform me about the cut offs of obc in nts2012

Pradeep Bhattacharya said:

I have forgot the roll no of my son Rakshit Bhattacharya , who has appeared in NTSE exam from Lucknow on 20.11.11 how can i get the same to know his result.

Daisy said:


Is scholarship given to students who cleared the 1st level (state level) NTSE also?


Ajay said:

I got the results of stage 1 paper of Tamilnadu. Where will the second stage exams be conducted for tamilnadu?

Manisha Ghosh said:

Can a student of foreign origin, studying in India and whose Parents are of Indian origin appear for NTSE exam in class 8?

Nidhi Mehta said:

Do they test extra questions which r not in our syllabus or only the syllabus of classes 6 to 8 . plz guide . plz keep giving information about the rise in amount as scholarship per month and other school level exams conducted. I would be helped if i know where would I get sample papers and old question papers in Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh  

Rohit Gupta said:

sir ,
plz tell me that one student who is in the 10th class may eligible for NTSE 2013 examination while he had not participate in 9th standard NTSE exam plz tell me early.


Sri ranganathan said:

I passed the ntse exam in the academic year 2009-2010. But i had not yet got the scholarship fund. How could i contact thie liasion officer? Please send me.  

Swapnil sinha said:


I would be very happy if you could tell me how many students appeared in the
1st  level examination of NTSE 2012.

Thank you

With regards,

sadiki dubey said:

at the starting of the pg its written that from 2013 ntse will be conducted from class 10.plzz give me some detail about that.

and also i went to  class 8th now plzz tell can i be able to give the exam this year.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

apurva said:

NTSE 2013 will be conducted for 8th or 10th???

vaibhav dixit said:

sir .......
i have qualified for the second stage can u pls email me the last 10 yrs question papers as soon as u can........ bcoz the exam is on 13 may...... my email id is................

arpit said:

can 8 class student appear in ntse exam 2012-13

tanish said:

it is good to open ntse level for 10th

business directory said:

Yet another insightful post. You know, I am exceptionally happy I found this. I'll pin this blog post so my buddies can read your writing too!

sagar said:

mail me key answer of 2010-2011

isshita said:

to get selected for ntse 2nd stage, what is approximate minimummarks to be scored,, plz tell admin sir..its just to get an idea what should be the level of preparation!

Mrunal said:

how many marks should I get out of 100 for passing the state level exam?

Mrunal said:

    I m mrunal. Can anyone tell me how much marks are needed to pass the stage one exam and give the stage 2 exam.

if anyone knows it send an email on


sheereen said:

Please give us true and absolutely correct information.

Anisha said:

To apply for Ntse is it necessary to study in a CBSE school? How can I apply and prepare for NTSE?I study in class 8. Please guide me.

jai said:

can you plz tell me a website for practicing for ntse?

guru prasad said:

Its Good  For Information .

shreyam kesarwani said:

plz....... send me previous 5 years old papers

narasimha n. r said:

MYson has given ntse examon 13 may2012 I want to know when result will be declear.

Manan said:

i wanted to know whether MAT and SAT papers are given together in NTSE or are they given at the some interval?

suraj kmar said:


Rohan Gupta said:

Does anyone has any idea about expected date of result of NTSE2012 final stage exam?


from where i can recive the hall ticket. and plese send me full information about this with past qwestion sample papers only of physics.

abhisha said:

resp.sir/maam,i am a student of class 10th and i wish to appear for ntse exam this year.please guide me to refer the related books and portion and other neccesary information.

Jeffrey Johnson said:

IS NTSE for 8th or 10th std students and when and where do i get the forms.

A.Sri Vijayan said:

In your web page, there are two contrary things available.
In the first paragraph, you are saying that the NTSE is for 8th class; in the same page, you are saying class-10 students are eligible.
What is correct?

The messages are as follows:
NTSE-2013 will be for class-8 students. The previously proposed changes have been revoked for the time being. Read on to find out more about NTSE 2013.

Who is eligible to appear for NTSE 2013:
All Indian students studying in class-10 of recognized schools are eligible to appear for the first stage of NTSE.

The page is:


if there is quota for st and sc in ntse's national level exam then why not for obc?

Pranjal Jain said:

ntse is  for class 10 or not ?



mahtab alam said:

how can i get application form for ntse from Bihar?

Jyoshna said:

My son is in 8th class in USA. He moved in to USA last yr.Can he appear NTSE 2013.Please let me know the dates to fill up the form and venue of exam.

unnikrishnan p v said:

Can you please tell me if it is  confirmed that ntse is for class 10 in 2012-13 academic year?

prathibha p said:

It is better to write ntse in class 8 rather than in class 10.The change that ncert made in the last moment was not appropriate.

shubham jain said:

how can i get application form n from which website?

Laksh said:

Please could you send me NTSE previous papers (2012) .
I dont know the format.
Can you tell me which studty material should I refer.

sarika said:

my son is in class 8 presently. is he eligible to take ntse exam 2013 (he will be in 9th class then) or was he eligile for taking it in 2012 and has missed it ?


resp.sir/maam,i am a student of class 8th and i wish to appear for ntse exam this year.please guide me to refer the related books and portion and other neccesary information.also our school is not conduction the exam ,please guide me how i can apply and whereto submit application form , address for application  form.

nilesh said:

NTSE in class X from this year. for details log on

jj said:

is it true that only tenth is allowed this year

karthik said:

sir please give me a application for NTSE

karthik said:

sir please give me a application for NTSE FOR 2013

anirudha venkatesh said:

I was told that the eligibility for writing NTSE exam has been revised from Class 8 to Class 10. Can you pl. confirm.


prabha said:

hi sir how can get ntse application form 2013


A real good explaination on NTSE .wonderful information.......


My son is presently studying in Std. 8th.  Is he elegible for the NTSE Exam.  From where I can get the forms in Delhi.  Please suggest me on my above mail ID.

dhyan said:

from where to download ntse application form

jyoti jain said:

i need to attend ntse 4 the year 2012-2013 cauce its very useful..

jyoti jain said:

but there is a problem im not getting the application form ....... plssss can i get it soon as possible .... plsss


Raghuram S Mallya said:

         I was told that the eligibility for writing NTSE exam has been revised from Class 8 to Class 10. Can you please confirm.  

With Regards

vanyabk said:

what is the change which is brought about in the ntse exam-2013

prabhjot singh said:

when and where i can find forms of ntse i am bulandshahr it will given in my school or i want to buy it from anywhere. please check it that you will give the forms in nirmala convent school in bulandshahr (UP).

Shreyansh Rana said:

Plz send me ntse 2013 sample papers and the cut off marks for utarakhand

Shobhit said:

Will the NTSE for the academic year 2012-13 be held for class 8, ie. would a student currently studying in class 8 be eligible to appear for NTSE ?
Please help...

Pukhraj said:

You are mentioning that NTSE is to be held for 10th class students but the exam is for 8th class students as per information from various other sources. Please confirm what is correct.

Deepti said:

dear sir,
I am currently studying in class 10th.I hv already cleared Ntse in class 8th and im currently receiving the scholarship amount of Rs 500.Am i required to clear Ntse in class 10th too..? And about the Scholarship increment...will an increase in the scholarship amount be applicable to previous ntse scholars?

Gursimrat Singh said:

Can students of class7 give the exam of NTSE

N C Sathya said:

Respected Sir,

I am studying in 8th standard now in Chennai.  I heard about NTSE exams and I am too eager from my 7th standard to write NTSE exam in my 8th standard.  

I came to know that from this year only 10th standard students can appear NTSE exam. I am so much disappointed to hear that only 10th standard students are only eligible as I wanted to appear the exam.

Kindly confim whether stundents of 10th standard only should appear and why these kind of changes suddenly happened.  kindly clarify as we are eagerly waiting to hear from you.

Thaking you,
N C Sathya
Student of VIII standard
Vidya Mandir
Chennai 600 004

swajha jha said:

nts who have already qualified for ntse be taking the test again?

prem said:

ntse 2013 will be only for 10th class
it is final now
go to for application form

tina said:

will those who are already receiving the scholarship have to give the exam again in class 10? and if we wont be appearing for the exam and there is a change in the fee structure then will we get the extra money ..i qualified 2nd phase in 2011
please help ....

kanishka gupta said:

is year se kya only 10th k students xam de sakte h????
and scholarship amt Rs. 4000 per month ho gayi h kya????

meri sis ne 2008 me xam diya tha...usko ab revised amnt hi milega na????

plz respond....

priyanka said:

Respected Sir,

I am studying in 8th standard now I heard about NTSE exams and I am too eager from my 7th standard to write NTSE exam in my 8th standard.  

I came to know that from this year only 10th standard students can appear NTSE exam. I am so much disappointed to hear that only 10th standard students are only eligible as I wanted to appear the exam.

Kindly confim whether stundents of 10th standard only should appear and why these kind of changes suddenly happened.  kindly clarify as we are eagerly waiting to hear from you.

Thaking you,

kishlay said:

bahut easy hai dud pita bachha bhi pass kar jayega so eassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssy

Vidhaan said:

Dear Sir,

Is NCERT conducting the NTSE for Class VIII this year ? Or is it now only for students in Class X ? Please let me know at the earliest as I have been preparing for Class VIII NTSE.

ayushi jain said:

can you tell me which kind of books we can refer for this exam......

Alekh said:


Alekh said:

i juss wanna know the registration fee for class 10 in ntse

Rahul said:

     is that true that NTSE this year will be in class 10th??                
                            if it is there then pl let me knw the  sylbs......

Hiten Sethiya said:

i am a pre ntse scholar i was selected in class 8 this time as heard ntse will be conducted for 10th class students may i will be eligible this year and what are the extra benefits this year .
thanking you

Issac Jerin Mathews said:

I am studying in class 10th in this academic year (2012-13). Can you please advise me which exam should I attend i.e, NTSE 2012 or NTSE 2013.

ABHAY said:

Sir, I want some sample papers both on MAT and SAT. Can you email me some ssample papers. please......

jayasimha reddy ravula said:

in order to get qualified in 1st level in ntse,should we qualify in each subject i.e are there any cut off marks per each subject

Rushikesh Padia said:

sir,                                                                           I am in 10th class I had given it in 8th std i was not selected but now i want to appear for it i am elegible for it or not

Gauri said:

hi! plz can u tell me if there is any examination fee for NTSE, 2012...
If yes, how do we have to submit it?? and plz can you send me the sample papers on my e-mail i.d....


i want to know previouly NTSE EXAM is for 8th ?

from this yr it will for 10th ?

and one more is for 8th std there is any new exam lounch?

Shreyash Sharma said:

can a student of class 8 is eligible for ntse ?....or only students from class 10 is eligible for exam ?

Vatsal Agarwal said:

Why is ntse exam 2012-2013 is not going to be held for standard 8th? Please reply as soon as possible.

Vivek said:

I help you Tina but contact me on 9801205384

somyadeep said:

ntse is conducted for class 8 or not?????????????? pls answer ,,,i am student of 8 and wish to appear ntse exam

G.Vijaya kumar said:

My daughter abhinaya passed last year 2012 ntse state level exam only. whether she is elgible to get the ntse scholarship. thanks. we could not see the result on time to appear the main exam at national level.

pot said:

where we will get the forms

dibyendu chatterjee said:

i am very tense

dibyendu chatterjee said:

i think this exam is very easy

akshatha said:

i got selected in the year 2010-2011 when i was in 8th in the state level ntse exam . now i am in 10 can i apply for the exam .please reply as soon as possible
thanking you

chirag said:

hi sir
i wanna ask who is the liaison officer for haryana

paarth said:

i am already an NTSE scholar and am receiving my NTS scholarship. what i would like to ask is that am i allowed to give the NTSE exam this time or not?(i cleared the second stage of the exam in 2011 when i was in 9th and now i am in class 10th)
plz reply

debjyoti halder said:

can i get the ntse syllabus for class 10 for the yr 2013

tara laju said:

where can i get the forms for the 10th graders NTSE exam.
Please make it clear on your web page.

Jnanesh kumar said:

How can prepare for this 2013 NTSC examination????

Akhay shrimal said:

i want application form of ntse 2012 class 10 and i want to know the application fee and name on which dd is formed..
thank you

sarmishtha said:

hello! sir/mam i wanted to know something that,
is there any kind of fee for the NTSE exam stage I...????

Soumya said:

I m soumya frm CVEM rkl n i wanna kno whats d syllabus

Shubham saxena said:

where we can submit NTSE form in Lucknow except schools & colleges.

Anvitha said:

i am presently studying in 10th.I had qualified in the ntse exam at both levels 2 yrs ago and am recieving the scholarship.Will I be eligible to write ntse again in the hopes of increasing my scholarship amount?
Reply as soon as possible
thank you

Shivansh Tomar said:

Please tell me what are the maximum marks which can be obtained by a student in an NTSE exam.Thanks

$H!V@M said:

I aspire to give the ntse 2013 from Punjab. Do i have to go and handover the application form to the district liaison officer in person or i can send it by post?

$H!V@M said:


yeshwanth said:

it would be nice if the exam would be for 8 class

hitendra garg said:

i want to know that ntse 2013 form submitation place in jodhpur,rajasthan

asmita tripathi said:

i want to know the exam fee. i am a student in u.p. appearing in 2012-2013

asdf said:

is there no exam for class VIII

niki said:

i want to get ntse sir how can i  ..................

raj said:

plz an any one tell me that how many seats are reserved for genrel caste students in this ecam

Ankit said:

sir i am from dhanbad where i'll submit the ntse 2013 class x form??

parminderjeet kaur said:

where can i get the sample papers for ntse

vinita said:

i m presently i 9 std. plz suggest me some refence books which i can use for the preparation of NTSE..

Rushil said:


prateek said:

Iam a student ofj.n.v jabalpur
weare thangs of site

rajesh said:

what is the last date for applying the ntse2013

prajjwal said:

we will put demand draft for the form?

sib said:

i am in 8th will ntse will be organised fr my satders as our school has alreday declared nd also asked us fr the participation.. bt i heraed that this time only 10th will be able to opt.. plz *admin* i really do want 2 know abot this so i could start my preparatin..

sravani said:

What is the syllabus for NTSE 2012-13 first level that is going to be conducted by the government of Andhra pradesh?

shashank shukla said:

kindly send me free sample papers for ntse class x 2012-13

akash said:

completely filled application form for NTSE

krishna said:

please send me the 5 years old examination paper and please can you tell which kind of book we prepared please replied soon on this e-mail id please replied sooooooon

krishna said:

please send me 5 year old paper paper and tell me what book we will prepare for this examination please reply me on    its my e-mail ID   please reply soon    

krishna said:

please tell me what kind of book we refer


from this year onwards ,which class can appear for ntse ?

Nivedit said:

Can I give NTSE Stage 1 in 8th class?

Sashank Mishra said:

what is the last date of submission of NTSE application forms in Uttar Pradesh?
How can I submit it?

abhay jain said:

my son give stage 1 exa he is in class 8th in M.P.

Jatin said:

What is the last date of submission of the application form in Uttar Pradesh??

Please Reply Soon...

ashutosh pandey said:

sir i wanted to know that how i preperation for ntse 2013 for 10th class

Uday Narayan said:

I wan't to know that which class student's could appear for the NTSE exam....I also wan't to take part in it.... so,please reply soon

Uday Narayan said:

I am a student of class 7

sidharth said:

please send me the conditions for NTSE test
e.g-report card of any class et. etc.

avantika said:

show some sample papers or last year's papers on net for practice.................

gyanesh said:

sst is their in the sallabus of ntse 2012 or not

V Pramodh gopalan said:

I am a student of class VI.....Can i write ntse/nstse exam? Am I eligible to write one?....Kindly help

shreya said:

I am a student studying in class 10. I want to know whether some questions can be asked from class 11th and 12th books in upcoming ntse exam. Please reply soon before 10 nov.(urgent)

aditya said:

wow ntse is there for 10th its good

Deepansh Gupta said:

I have applied for NTSE 12 for class 10th from my school VIndhyacahal Academy ,Bhopal and have still not recieved my admit card and roll no,  Please help me out...

Varsha said:

Please let me know the timings of this exam in Andhra pradesh on Nov.18th 2012.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Thank u.

aman said:

what are the timings for ntse 2012 exam?

Utkarsh said:

Can i please get to know the minimum cutoff marks in maharashtra stage 1 NTSE

shruti said:

how many students will be selected from rajasthan for ntse 2012-13

Utkarsh said:

cut off ntse stage 1 in maharashtra.Please help

abhai singh said:

can i give the ntse paper in class 11 and 12 ?????
plzzz help me

jayasimha said:

what could be the cut off for ntse stage 1 for andhra pradesh,when the cut off marks will be  declared and where could we see them .Is it required that in order to get qualifyied  
in ntse stage 1 should we get qualifyied in each and every subject,i.e in mat,maths,physics,biology,history,civics,geography,economics.will there be any special preference for those students who get full marks in any of the subject

Moin said:

can i know the postponed date of NTSE exam in maharashtra........ please any one let me know..

Moin said:

that too for 10th std 1st level exam

jayasimha said:

cutoff for ntse stage 1 in andhra pradesh 2012

manpreet said:

would this new changes in scholarships be applicable to awardees of 2011-2012

vikas yadav said:

what is the passing marks for the obc caste out of 90 stage 1


when is the first stage result of ntse 2012-2013 in mumbai

avinash mishra said:

plesse give me ntse 2013 result date

m.sudarsan said:

pls send me the ntse 2012-13 answer keys tamilnadu

Nishtha Gawshinde said:

can i please know when NTSE (2012-2013) stage 1 results will be declared (M.P.)

Aakanksha said:

Good evening sir/mam,
                  I wanted to know that when will be the results of NTSE 2012-13 will be declared. Plz. reply as soon as possible as I'm very eager to know my result.
         Thanking You.....

aman gupta said:

can u please tell me when ntse 2012-13 stage 1 results are going to be declared?

sanjay said:

When will they declare results for ntse in tamilnadu for the year 2012-13?

anues said:

when the ntse result is announced?



sudharshan said:

pls send me the ntse 2012-13 answer keys tamilnadu

Sudhakar Kashyap said:

Good Evening..
       I wanted to know when will be the results NTSE 2012-13 stage-1are going to be declared?

swati jha said:

please tell me when ntse 2012-13 stage 1 result is going to be declared?
thanking u

Shubham gupta said:

i want to ask the cut off the ntse 2012-13 at state level in Madhya pradesh

Aaditya Chandrawanshi said:

I study in class ix. I wanted to know which book I should refer for best guidance in NTSE

Anand Vardhan said:

I need to find the results of first round of ntse in UP.

Nadiyah Ahmed said:

Good evening,
I have not received my roll number slip for the nstse exam till now

Shelly said:

When will the results of NTSE 2012-13 be declared ?

kashi vishwanath said:

            please tell me the answer key for NTSE 2013 andhra pradesh

kashi vishwanath said:

send the details about results

venkatesh prasad said:

when will be the results of ntse 2013 are announced

nikhil sinha. said:


nikhil sinha. said:

I WANT TO ASK ALL ABOUT NTSE QUESTION TYPE FOR STD 10th yr2013 and form submitting date also!

sanjeev said:

i want to know the results for ntse stage 1 2013 of delhi class 10

Turkistan said:

When will the results for I stage of Ntse exam 2012-2013 will be declared? Please tell the website

rushabh said:

i wanted to know cut of marks of ntse maharashtra stage 1 of 2012-13.

Kitsaws said:

I want to know the result of class 10 ntse result of west bengal. my roll number is 2231301015251004021998.



adarsh ranjan said:

can you tell me when does the ntse result of bihar (2012-2013) announce?

Chahek said:

    Sir/Madam I am a student of Kendriya Vidyalaya, and I really want to participate in NTSE, so how can I apply in it?
    Please give your suggestion because I am waiting for NTSE 2013.
                                                        Thank You!

kirti garg said:

can i get the names of students of uttarakhand who have qualified for 2 stage ntse exam?

Simran said:

are students getting above 85% selected for the second level pls send the reply

pooja said:

i am eagerly waiting for ntse resul t2013 held in nov 2012 of maharashtra stage 1. please tell me when result will declare.

Simran said:

are students getting above 85% only selected for the second level pls give a reply fast

Shantanu Shirish Gulawani said:

i had given the exam 'ntse stage 1 2012-13 ' in maharashtra . where can i found the results?

Hemang H Shah said:

By when can I expect the 2012-13 NTSE Results for Tamil Nadu ?
And if I have forgotten my roll number,how do I get the result ?
Please give a website where I can get Tamil Nadu 2012-13 NTSE Results.

dinesh yadav said:

my roll no. is238133101212 please give mefurther information for second phase exam and cotect no.

dinesh yadav said:

how i appear in second phese exame 2013 my roll no.is238133101212 pls send me further information and contect no.

sathish said:

Whether 2013 round 1 exam results of NTSE exam in Tamil nadu announced??

imran m n said:

please email me 2013 ntse second stage on may 12,2013 syllabus, sample papers


when the result will declared of stage I of class 8 2012-2013?


Sir,please give me current contact number of NCERT office, New Delhi for details about NTSE


Sir ,please tell me how to register for NTSE.

deepak mandloi said:

how students can be selected for scholarship after stage 2

Avinash said:

what are the required marks for st boy to qualify in ntse 2013

ELS said:

ELS help you to find the best study abroad program in usa

suma varshitha said:

I am from the kodad,nalgonda,in AP.Iwant to know that any reservations for obc category

sonali said:

dear sir,
         i m presently studying in class 10(2013-2014)and i want to get an application form. from where should i get it and what is the last date for its submission.

govind raj said:

please send me last 10 years ntse qestion paper of both stage of patna zone and delhi nzome      

cochran19 said:

I  normally find stuff  such as this a little  mystifying, but what you've  brought together there is quite clear. Thanks for that .

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