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Free NTSE sample papers and questions for preparation

SchoolCountry brings to you  NTSE sample papers for class 10 and questions for Free. These are prepared by experts to give you a good sense of the type of NTSE paper that come in the National Talent Search Examination and their level of difficulty. Our questions are categorized by subject headings for your convenience e.g. NTSE MAT sample questions or NTSE Social science sample questions etc. 

Click here to get 450+ ntse sample papers with 50,000+ questions, full length tests and mini tests. All are prepared by IITians and NTSE experts to give you the best quality questions for NTSE . This is India's best NTSE preparation package, called NTSE BrainStorm where you can practice on your ANDROID device (mobile or tablet) or on your computer. 

Good luck. Follow these 8 rules to ace your NTSE preparation. These are rules that most students end up missing on.


MAT or Mental Aptitude Test of NTSE:

This section assess student’s ability to visualize, evaluate and differentiate. From the year 2011, there are 100 multiple choice questions (MCQs) on offer in the MAT section of NTSE. You are given 90 minutes time to attempt these. There is no negative marking and you need to choose the correct answer. 


Below are some sample questions for MAT section of NTSE from our model papers 


  • NTSE MAT paper sample paper question 1:Find the next number in the sequence – 9: 25: 49
    • 36
    • 81
    • 64
    • 100
  • NTSE MAT paper sample question 2:Find the missing one from the 4 alternatives – LLMO: MMNO :: AABD : ?
    • BBCE
    • BBCD
    • AABD
    • ABBC
  • NTSE MAT paper sample question 3:If / means X, X means –, + means x and – means / then 2 + 8 X 16 – 4 / 2 = ?
    • 4
    • 8
    • 10
    • 12

 for more mat questions and sample papers, click here.

SAT or Scholastic Aptitude test of NTSE:

SAT section in NTSE is based on Science, Social Science and Maths course for class-8. Since the year 2011, there are 100 questions in all, 40 of which are from Science, 40 from Social Science and remaining 20 from Maths. The idea is to test the understanding and knowledge to the course material covered so far


Sample paper questions for SAT paper of NTSE are given below


  • NTSE paper Social science sample question 1:Which of the following pairs is correctly matched
    • ILO – London
    • ICJ – Hague
    • UNESCO – Washington 
    • WHO – Paris
  • NTSE paper Social science sample question 2:Arrange the following events in chronological order – (A) Creation of Bangladesh, (B) Tashkant Declaration, (C) Simla Agreement, (D) Lahore Declaration
    • A C D B
    • B A C D
    • D B A C
    • A B C D
  • NTSE paper Science sample question 1:In some countries, it compulsory to install a smoke detector. If you have to install a smoke detector in a room, where will you install it?
    • Near the window, a few feet from the room
    • Near an electric switch board, 4 feet from the floor
    • Near or on the ceiling
    • Near the floor
  • NTSE paper Science sample question 2:Graphite is very soft as compared to other substances because
    • Carbon atoms are arranged in hexagonal structure
    • Carbon atoms are arranged in such a way that they form flat layers
    • Linkage between atoms within a layer of graphite are weak
    • Linkage between atoms of two layers are weak
  • NTSE  paper  Maths sample question 1:An electric contractor purchases a certain amount of wire. 10% of which is stolen. After using 85% of the remainder, he had 54 m of it left. How much wire did he purchase?
    • 300 m
    • 350 m
    • 375 m
    • 400 m
  • NTSE  paper  Maths sample question 2:In which of the following cases, a triangle ABC with base BC given can be constructed?
    • B and C are acute angles
    • B and C are right angles
    • B and C are obtuse angles
    • B is an obtuse angle and C is a right angle


For more practice download 450 NTSE sample papers for class 10 with 50,000+ questions, click here. You will get all hundreds of questions of all types. All these on your computer or your ANDROID mobile device (phone or tablet). These questions on NTSE MAT are based on previous 10 years NTSE papers. The questions address complete variety of NTSE (unlike books and some sample papers) so that you are best prepared for your NTSE paper. Click here to know more about NTSE preparation app or call us on 0141 2209881. These 

You post your queries below for more practice questions exactly on the NTSE patterns. The same questions could be used as a good benchmark for other talent search exams such as KVPY, NCO, SSTSE etc. These practice questions are prepared by experts and are completely FREE!

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