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Complete NTSE syllabus

NTSE is one of the most reputed talent search exams in India. From this year on, We get hundreds of queries from students about NTSE syllabus for class 10. So we decided to come up with this detailed blog article with all the information about NTSE syllabus, which class, which subject and what all topics. First of all, let us honestly tell you that NCERT has never declared syllabus. We offer a good assessment based on our experience and past papers.  Once you review the syllabus, make sure to look up NTSE sample papers here and here


NTSE syllabus for Maths (SAT)

Maths takes 20 questions and is part of SAT test in NTSE exam. The maths syllabus is for class 6 to 10. The major topics in maths include geometry, number systems, algebra, mensuration, profit and loss

  • Geometry ntse syllabus includes topics like lines and angles, quardilaterals, triangles and circles. You may be asked questions like finding the missing angles, formula based questions on area and perimeters of triangles and quardilaterals etc. Every year, 4-8 questions in Maths come from Geometry syllabus alone
  • Algebra NTSE syllabus includes topics like polynomials and linear equations in one and two variable, AP/GP. Every year about 4 questions come from Algebra syllabus and include questions like solving a story based puzzle using linear equations, solving for x in a polynomial expression etc
  • Mensuration NTSE syllabus includes questions on 2D and 3D shapes. Most questions challenge you to push your analytical thinking and reasoning abilities rather than pure book formula. The course again stays till class 10 syllabus and not beyond
  • Number system NTSE syllabus includes topics like integers, real numbers, prime numbers, factors, HCF, LCM, factors, simplifications etc. Every year, 2-6 questions in Maths are from number systems. The syllabus here is vast but care is taken to test conceptual understanding rather than formula knowledge
  • Profit & loss NTSE syllabus is a relatively vast one. This includes topics like profit and loss, simple interest, compound interest, time, speed, percentage, graph and data interpretation. This involves formula based questions but the number of questions from this topic may not be too many

NTSE syllabus for Science (SAT)

Science is part of the SAT in NTSE and the section is for approximately 35 questions. Again the syllabus includes topics from class 6 to 10 and subjects covered are physics, chemistry and biology. For free NTSE sample questions, click here

  • Biology NTSE syllabus includes topics like cells, common diseases, nutrition and natural resources. About 10-13 questions every year are from biology
  • Physics NTSE syllabus covers motion, gravity, electricity, energy and history of physics. Most of these questions are application based and challenge you to think before using a simple formula
  • Chemistry NTSE syllabus includes questions about basic chemical and physical reactions, conservation of energy, properties of solids, liquids and gases, properties of elements under extreme conditions. Again, application is the key so questions could involve running an automobile in cold climate, use of anti freeze etc. The syllabus is for class 8 to 10. Some times, books and schools encourage you to prepare from class 9-10 text books but we believe it is not required and nor is it the most efficient use of your time

NTSE syllabus for Social Science (SAT)

Social Science in NTSE is part of SAT and has 35 questions. Subjects like history, civics, geography, economics and general awareness are all part of Social Science syllabus. 

  • History syllabus for NTSE includes syllabus covered in NCERT text books in class 8, 9 and 10. Topics like ancient civilizations, Maurya dynasty, Mughal kingdom, revolt of 1857 and Indian freedom struggle are key. Though some of these topics will be covered only in later part of class 8, they are still important part of NTSE syllabus. 
  • Civics Syllabus for NTSE will have questions on local government, legislative assembly, elections in India and our government structure, judiciary, fundamental rights, India's key foreign policy initiatives including NAM etc are often asked. The questions here are a lot of about your awareness of your country and its government's structure and policies. So reading of news papers will help a lot
  • Geography NTSE syllabus has Indian and world geography covered. Questions from natural vegetation, wildlife, physical divisions of India, Industries, hydrosphere, landforms created by wind and water etc are asked. 
  • Economics syllabus for NTSE include questions that evaluate your awareness of current systems including type of economies, type of banks, bank deposits, role of banks in the system. These may not have been officially taught in your classes but are very much part of our daily lives
  • General awareness in NSTE  is a small section. The syllabus includes specific state related topics, recent happenings, political events at National and International scale, awards, sports etc

NTSE syllabus for MAT

MAT or mental ability is 50% of the total weight of NTSE, i.e. MAT alone has 90 questions, equal to all the 3 subjects (science, maths and social science) put together or stated other wise, MAT weight is more than 4 times that of Maths. So needless to say that good practice in NTSE MAT is crucial for your success. Though there is no syllabus in MAT but still we have some guidelines. 

MAT has questions from finding the patterns (numeric, visual and verbal), direction and orientation, sequences & series, geometry, odd one out, venn diagram and puzzles. The only way to excel in MAT is through practice and more practice. You can find some NTSE MAT questions here. For 20 full length tests and 50000+ high quality MAT questions, visit NTSE Brainstorm. The problems have been prepared by experts and IITians. These are very high quality problems that stick to the NTSE pattern and do not repeat. 

You can download NTSE 2013 application form here.

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