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NTSE 2012: What you need do in the last week

With NTSE 2012 approaching fast, we bring to you the countdown to NTSE. Today we talk about the NTSE preparation tips for the last week to help you make the best use of this one week and top up your preparation for best results


Past years papers

Review the exam papers of past years. You can do about 3-4 NTSE sample papers in the one week that is remaining to NTSE. This will also give you a good sense of the type of papers and exact level of difficulty. Further, you can brush your MAT section by practicing various types of MAT problems.


Review your performance

Analyze your paper really well. Understand your strength areas clearly i.e. the type of questions that you are good at e.g. completion of number series, geometry etc. And also find out about your weakest area. Now use this information to plan how you want to spend time on the NTSE day. Which type of questions are high priority or must be attempted now matter what. And which type of NTSE questions will you leave every time. 


Brush up the NTSE SAT course

It is important to brush up on the key concepts and facts. But please bear in mind that you will NOT be able to read through the entire course. Just see select chapters that YOU think are important for you. The critical words here are "BRUSH UP" and "YOU". You just need to only Brush up the skills and not read them afresh. Also do the topics that are important for YOU and not the high priority topics that someone else says. 


Get a hold of your tool kit

The age old advice but still useful. Find the pencils, pens, erasers etc. that you are going to use on the day to the NTSE exam. Make sure you have the admit card, know your exam center and the exam time etc. There is no point in discovering on the last day that you have misplaced your admit card or that you reach the exam hall 30 minutes too late. 


Know the exam

Very importantly, just be sure about the NTSE exam. You are sure you know all there is to know about it already but it just makes sense to do one last review so that there are no surprises. What are the type of questions that will come, how many questions of each type, what is the objective of the exam etc. It helps to give you the full picture for the NTSE


Relax well

NTSE is a gruelling exam that requires full concentration and dedication to solve the paper well. It is important that you are well relaxed and fresh for the exam. So make sure that you sleep well, eat good food and are generally happy and relaxed. Trust an NTSE Scholar that it will do wonders for you on the exam day. 


In our next article, you will hear from our NTSE scholars on exactly how to approach the paper, how to write answers and some other very critical last minute tips that they had found useful. You can check 2012 NTSE results here. The results are categorized by name, roll number and category. You can follow us on face book (click the like button above) so that you do not miss out on the crucial last minute tips for cracking your NTSE.  We will post the updates there as they happen.

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