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How you must approach the NTSE paper to score high

With NTSE exam just round the corner, you must be anxious about the D-Day. Here we present a step by step plan to tackling the NTSE exam paper to get the best bang for your effort. Here are 5 techniques that previous NTSE scholars have found useful. 


Take time to review the paper

Take 4-5 minutes to review NTSE paper fully before starting off. This will give you a good sense of the paper and its difficulty level. This way, you will be sure that you are not leaving any easy questions or scoring opportunities


Allocate time to all sections

Make sure to give equal weightage to each section in NTSE 2012 paper: We tend to spend more time in MAT and then are not left with anytime for other sections. But it is important that we give due time in each section to clear sectio cut-off and also to score of the easy questions


Skip difficult questions

Do not be afraid to leave a question, even mid way, if you think you have spent enough time. Do not over spend your time in one or two questions. Just leave and move on. You are not expected to solve all the questions anyways


Fill out the answers regularly

Make sure to regularly fill out the answers too: It is not worth the time and effort to solve a question if you fail to fill the answer correctly. So give suffecient time to fill the answers. It is advisible to fill the answers every time you have attempted 10-15 questions. 


Work with your strengths

Know your strengths and work with them: There are certain type of NTSE questions that you may be good at e.g. completion of a number series or geometry etc. During your preparation for NTSE, you must have identified your strength areas. Make sure to attempt all those questions without fail. 


You might also like to get updated about NTSE and read our article on making the best out of last few days before NTSE . Next we would be coming out with a list of super critical topics to focus on, in the last week. Just the core stuff and nothing else. Stay tuned to know more. I would suggest that you join us on facebook (or simply click the "like" button above) to stay updated on the latest. Good luck 

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