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NTSE 2013 - Prepare the right way for best results!

NTSE this year has brought with it new changes. NCERT has announced that it will be for class 10th students, so old sample papers will no longer be effective. Books existing in the market may not be the most useful. There will be new course guidelines which has not been announced yet and may be new pattern too. Are you prepared for NTSE exam this year? Is your NTSE preparation material relevant and aligned to the course? Are you getting feedback?

We bring to you NTSE Brainstorm - the best NTSE preparation tool kit ever.  Get the tech-edge on your side and prepare for NTSE on your computer or ANDROID device.  Below we present some salient features of NTSE Brainstorm and also compare it with books and test papers. 


 NTSE BrainstormBooks and test series
NTSE practice question pool   50,000+ questions developed by NTSE experts and IITians

So that you have great practice material available for you and you are not offered same problems
Limited questions
Updates and additions  New NTSE questions added on a weekly basis. Existing problems are updated daily. What's more, you get access to all the new features and updates for FREE!

So that nothing important is left out, ever!
No updates. Once its printed, its fixed. Update can happen only next year, now!
The technology advantage   Automatically timed sessions, so you know exactly how much time you took to crack each question.
Subtopic wise assessment so you know your strengths and weaknesses perfectly. Your accuracy and speed while solving problems on 'odd-one-out' is different from that on 'pattern recognition' or 'series completion'.
Comparison with peers across India so you know where you stand and how to improve even more

So that you get the technology working for you when it is required
hmmm .... :)
Quality and alignment   New content, aligned to class-X curriculum. So that the time you spend on preparing is well spent.

So you actually prepare for the right exam with the right content. 
Practice anytime, anywhere  Launch a quick NTSE paper of 10 questions, so you can practice even when you have just 5 minutes
Practice with hundreds of mini challenges or take longer tests with 50 questions or full length tests

So that you make the best use of your available time, even when you have just 5 minutes.
Know how you can really improve  Detailed reports that track your NTSE performance daily. Know how you have performed on different days, different sub topics and sections. Get personalized tracking

All this, so that you not only practice but also improve!


Get the NTSE Brainstorm advantage for your NTSE preparation. Now available for special launch price. Make sure that technology and great content is on your side for this very prestigious exam. Get cracking at NTSE. Best wishes!

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